Erika Devine Can’t Handle The Hardcore

Meet Erika Devine, the dumb whore who continues to make all the wrong desicions in her pathetic life. Now she can add to that list. She has quite the past, from religious nuts for parents to being caught up in a credit card scam. No matter what way you look at this slut, she’s got scum written all over. Her bad decision today is landing on the Face Fucking couch to endure some of the most hardcore treatment she’ll ever get. This skank weighs in at about 100 pounds, but that didn’t stop the guys from shoving their dicks down her throat at warp speed. It doesn’t take this chick long to have an emotional breakdown, the kind that makes a scene golden. The breakdown didn’t hinder the guys abilities to stretch out her cunt with their cocks.

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Carmen Capri Can’t Stop Crying

Carmen Capri is a hella fine bitch with big natural titties and has the drive to make money. This whore thinks she’s one of those strong independent woman when all she really is, is a big crybaby. When you shoot for, it doesn’t take long for your facade to fade. This bitch cried the whole time she had cock shoved down her throat. I guess she thought she was going to gain sympathy? Ha dumb twit that just causes more laughing at her misery. This also caused the guys to go buckwild on her, passing her back and forth while shoving their dicks down her gullet for some serious throat demolition. Carmen finally stopped her sobbing when she got a shaft up her snatch. Oh yes, she enjoyed it so much that she had about 4 orgasms. She better think of that as her bonus for being a submissive skank.

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Lola Summers Takes Her Licks

Lola Summers is a petite 104 pound whore who looks as though she’d run out the door when it comes to shooting for However, that’s not the case, Lola proved everyone wrong. This dumb whore hung in there and took her licks while making it look easy. It’s a good thing this bitch has a cunt because she has no personality whatsoever. As long as she keeps whoring herself out she should be able to make it in this world. You know what’s impressive about Lola? The fact that she could fit 2 huge dicks in her small head at the same time.

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Fitness Model Kristina Bella Gets Face Fucked

Kristina Bella is an 18 yr old fitness model who has decided to do her first porn for Facial Abuse. With her fit body, nice boobs, a succulent ass, and a fresh bald pussy, she’s a top shelf whore for sure. Another magnificent find for Duke Skywalker. To be honest, this little slut doesn’t look like she could handle what the boys dish out on Facial Abuse however, she proved everyone wrong. Kristina stuck it out no matter what punishment the guys threw her way. This bitch was completely unbreakable. Oh and you have got to see how hot her little ass looks with red hand-prints, it’s amazing.

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Lilly Ligotage Takes Brutal Anal Like A Boss

Not many of the whores that show up on Facial Abuse deserve any kind of kudos, but Lilly Ligotage does. This chick took some MAJOR abuse from Pauly and Gio and she took it like a boss. This scene is not only INTENSE, it’s BRUTAL. Lilly’s throat was fucked and punished to the max. The slaps this whore took were hard and she took them like the good little slut she is. This petite skanks ass was brutalized so severely that she’s going to have problems sitting down for at least a week if not longer. Oh and this whore was game for double penetration! Yes she had a cock tearing up her asshole as another one pounded her pussy.

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Cali Rider Thinks She Isn’t A Whore

Cali Rider is just like the rest of the whores and thinks she’s the smartest thing on this planet. It’s quite clear that this chubby slut has no more brains than a rock otherwise her fat ass wouldn’t be sitting on the Facial Abuse couch. This little skank doesn’t think that just because she takes money for getting fucked that she’s a whore. Cali has a great man at home who loves her and has no idea that she’ll be used and abused by Duke Skywalker, Big Red, and Bootleg. As far as he knows, she quit doing porn and she’s so dumb that she thinks he’ll never find out about her lies. This scene starts out with Cali having her throat pounded until she could no longer hold back her puke and it spewed forth. The good thing about chubby chicks is that their stomachs can hold in awesome amounts of barf. Once she was done being face fucked, the guy’s blew their loads all over her face. I don’t think she liked the facial much seeing as she wasn’t quite sure what to do about the jizz being in her eyes and mouth.

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Layla Price The LA Whore Gets Face Fucked

Layla Price is a sweet piece of ass. This blonde whore from Los Angeles is making her way up through the porn ranks. Layla’s into the dirty, nasty porn, but she’s never had anything as extreme as Facial Abuse. She also likes sucking dick, anal, eat pussy, and eating assholes. So to set the tone of the shoot, Layla gets a good slap just to remind her as to who runs shit. Then she’s face fucked to the max until her stomach unleashes waves of puke. This didn’t stop the mouth fucking either oh no, that continued until her belly was emptied. Get this…this dirty little slut LOVED every minute of it. Once that mission was complete, it was time for her sweet little anus to be stretched open by a butt plug and then pounded by a huge shaft to make sure it was ripped open nicely. To finish this skank off, her face was covered in a load of cum and then she had the puke from the whore bowl poured over her head. All-in-all this is an awesome extreme hardcore scene you don’t want to miss.

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Leilani Vega – A Hot Whore Degraded

Wow check out Leilani Vega, she’s got that adorable look that turns you right on. I’m not sure how Leilani ended up sitting on the Facial Abuse couch, but I sure am thankful. It’s exactly her type that looks the best as they’re face fucked and slapped until they break. With every thrust of a cock down her throat and every smack, she quickly realized that being at Facial Abuse is unlike being at any other studio. You can watch her eyes become empty and soulless as she realizes that maybe, just maybe, she made a mistake. To make things even sweeter, there’s nothing that quite measures up to watching a hot chick as she is made to puke all over herself as it is degrading and humiliating. By the time Leilani’s face is covered in man gravy, she’s totally used and broken. Such a whore she is.

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Lyla Kennedy Comes Back For Some Painal

So it hasn’t been long since the first time Lyla Kennedy was on the Facial Abuse couch. Her first scene was a good one, but this one is even better. Why? This time around her asshole is open for destruction. Lyla even admits that she’s a dirty little whore and she’s not lying. She’s also been working on her deep throating skills and today they were put to the test. Verdict? You can definitely see the difference as she can now take a massive cock down her throat further than before. Today her throat was thoroughly fucked until she gagged and puked. Now let’s get down to the the part of her scene that is what we call ‘painal’. For those of you that have no idea what that it, it’s basically a few steps above your average anal and involves way more pain. Lyla’s butthole was fucked violently and that little whore loved every second of it. By the time the anal was over, Lyla’s asshole gaped beautifully. For this only being her 4th time having her ass fucked so hard you’d think she was lying about it. She took it so well that I think she just found her new niche. Lyla was pounded so well that by the end of the scene, she could barely talk, she just kept stuttering. HAHA

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Hideous Holly North Is Humiliated

North. Ever wonder what the offspring of Flash Gordon and Larry Bird would look like? Well, you’re in luck as the answer is Holly North. I can’t think of one good thing to say about her appearance. She’s pasty and has fake blonde hair that stands up as if she put her finger in a light socket. This chicks beak is massive and takes up most of the space on her face making her look like she could be an owl of some sort. I’m pretty sure it could also be used as a dildo, I kid you not. As for the rest of her body, it’s not pretty either. There aren’t even any tits for a small bonus point, she’s flatter than a board. It’s pretty pathetic actually. Her only good feature is that she’s a submissive slut who knows how to be obedient. Holly is rebelling against her parents and has decided to do her first porn and it’s for Facial Abuse. No protests were put up when a hard cock was shoved down her throat gagging her. She then rode that dick like a good whore and obeyed all requests. At the very end, she’s spoon fed thick white man goo and she slurps it right up.

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