Fallon West The Imported Whore Does FaceFucking

Today on FaceFucking is Fallon West. You should have heard of her because she’s awesome. She’s not like most of the whores who do FF, she’s imported from the Ukraine. Why does this make her special? Well because over there early on whores are taught anal. This is so that by the time they do porn they’re already masters at it. Fallon doesn’t seem to have a gag reflex and can take a hard cock down her throat with ease. She’s also able to take every inch of dick up her cunt and ass. When it came time for the DP, having both her holes stuffed at once seemed to come naturally to her. This chick did a great job today.

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May West The Chubbster Does FaceFucking

This May West FaceFucking scene almost didn’t happen. That’s right, there was no one to shoot it and Duke Skywalker got a call at the last minute as he was just getting out of bed. Anyhow he quickly freshened up and headed on out the door. When he got there the huge titted chubster was sitting there reading a book. He had her pop one of her boobs out to feel the weight of it because he was awestruck by their size. Once the titty was felt up, Bootleg and Pauly went to work on her throat. They pumbled her gullet with their cocks with contempt and she took it all as if it was kielbasa. Out of nowhere, the GX 32 Modulator suddenly had a huge dildo on it and was going to work on her fat pussy. That was the warm up for the double penetration. The guys thrust their cocks in and out of her making the DP look like it was on speed. May just laid there taking all of the punishment and enjoying it. When her cunt and asshole were finally destroyed, they hit her with cumshots right between her eyes at the same time.

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Lily Lovecraft Goes From A Brothel To FaceFucking

Lily Lovecraft is a pale, blonde 27 year old doing FaceFucking to try to further her “career”. Right now she whores herself out a a brothel to make a living. Today she takes a step in a more extreme way as she’s down with all the hardcore abuse on Face Fucking. After you hear about her childhood you’ll understand why she sucks dick for money. Seeing as she likes the rough shit, Bootleg and Harker didn’t take it easy on her. They slapped her pale face so hard it turned red, they throat fucked her until she puked, they pounded her pussy until it was stretched out way more, and they hit that asshole like a ton of bricks.

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Lexi Jaxson- FaceFucking Round 4

Lexi Jaxson is so fucked up she’s back on FaceFucking for the forth time. She’s actually a whore who isn’t afraid to put in a little work and does whatever she’s told. Today she’s about to give up that sweet little asshole of hers on cam for the first time along with a dose of DP. Lexi is able to handle a cock pounding her asshole like a pro. In fact she was able to handle it all that way even the most filthiest depraved acts and she did it all like the good obedient slut she is. This scene is full of gross surprises.

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Taura Slade Is Back For More Abuse On FaceFucking

Taura Slade did FaceFucking not long ago and is back already. Today she gets to feel the wrath of Bootleg who had to do double duty seeing as he was a man down. As you know Bootleg is a master so it was easy for him to step his game up. It was also easy seeing as Taura was up for trying out new things including fisting. Bootleg rammed his fist so far up her cunt that he looked like he was putting on a puppet show. With all his slaps and spitting on her, by the time he thrashed her asshole with his cock, she was stripped of her identity. She was nothing more than a set of tits and a mouth as she was spoon fed the cum that was blasted onto her face. All you feminist cunts can start your customary bitching now…

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Felicity Feline Returns To Porn & FaceFucking

Felicity Feline is back on FaceFucking seeing as she couldn’t hold down a normal 9 to 5. She failed at being a “normal” working person so she’s falling back on her whore ways. Felicity is one of the pretty ones and that makes the face fucking even better as the pretty ones think they’re going to get off easy. This skank is an obedient one who submitted to all the punishment dished out. Bootleg and Harker took turns filling her throat with their dicks until she gagged and puked. Then they pounded her cunt until she screamed. Felicity was left wondering why she wanted to do porn again as she sat there covered in cum and spit.

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Mackenzie Scott Is Treated Like Shit On FaceFucking

Mackenzie Scott showed up to the FaceFucking studio with a sob story and a strong facade just like every other whore. Once she started talking about her childhood pain and suffering, that wall she had built up came tumbling down. Mackenzie was a good obedient slut when it came time to get down to business. Bootleg and Harker wasted no time showing her what face fucking is really about. She had cocks pumped in an out of her mouth gagging her until she threw up. Then she had her cunt annihilated with some extreme fucking. When they were done they covered her in their loads and left her sitting there contemplating her poor life choices.

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Delirious Hunter The Dumb Blonde Does FaceFucking

Check out the latest chick on FaceFucking, Delirious Hunter. This pale tall cunt is just as dumb as her name is. Anyhow, Pauly and Bootleg teamed up to run a course on this whore. She had her throat pummeled by their cocks until the vomit erupted. Her pussy was destroyed by those same dicks that left it even more mangled than when she walked in. This broad has a huge box on her that can even take an over sized monster dildo with ease. Watch as it’s spread wide, there’s enough room in it to set up a shop.

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Lily Krystal The Damaged Goth Does FaceFucking

Lily Krystal has had nothing good happen in her life and now on FaceFucking it’s all about to get worse. This introverted emo goth has had one hell of a rough life that has left her as a soft spoken skank who can’t make eye contact. Trust me, the damage is epic. That damage is only going to increase now that she’s on FF. Anyhow, once learning of her past Bootleg and Gio took it and ran. They broke her real well. How? By showing this pale submissive chick that the only thing she’s good for is a mans pleasure. Cocks were stuffed down her throat until the vomit came up. Her cunt was filled to the brim with thick dick that left it used it. To really drive everything home, she was slapped until her snow white skin glowed red. By the time the jizz was covering her face, her self esteem was at the lowest ever.

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Crystal Rayne The Epic Train Wreck Does FaceFucking

FaceFucking has seen it’s share of train wrecks, but Crystal Rayne takes that term to new heights. After you learn of her horrifying childhood you’ll understand why she’s the whore she is today. With her innocence lost, her only comfort in life now is being a submissive slut for men as they please themselves and toss her away like trash. According to her she’s not worthy of being loved and she’ll never love anyone. Hey, it’s these types of skanks who make for the best FF scenes. Today she had all her holes used up. She was face fucked until she tossed her cookies, she had her cunt stretched out by big dicks, and even her asshole was given punishment.

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