Charlotte O’Ryan Is Full Of Tears

Charlotte O’Ryan has decided to do even though it’s clear that any kind of porn is not for her. This cunts body may be hot, but her face needs some work. This isn’t just her first porn, it’s her first time having two dicks at once. Charlotte is also a big crybaby, she cries from start to finish. Hell, she’s even got the waterworks flowing as cocks are shoved down her throat. It’s too bad really, because she excels at deep throating. You can see when things really hit home as she’s reminded at the end of the scene that she’ll always remember this horrible experience as her first time with 2 cocks. If we’re all lucky, this whore will take her easily bruised ego and quit porn for good.

Watch Charlotte O'Ryan Take On 2 Cocks


Brittany Shae Unleashes Her Inner Demons

Brittany Shae is an attractive, new to porn girl who has a ton of emotional issues. Her FaceFucking scene is akin to watching a train wreck. Brittany’s good friend is Gia Paige who has done 2 scenes for FF and she raved about it so much that Brittany thought she could handle it. Needless to say she couldn’t and cracked, letting all her emotions seep out instantaneously. Every second she had her throat full of cock and getting slaps to the face, she struggled to keep her issues on the inside. Even when it came time for the sex, she couldn’t hold her emotions in check. It may be a short scene, but watching this girl spew forth her inner demons and losing it mentally makes it awesome.

Watch As Brittany Shae Tries To Handle Face Fucking Like Gia Paige

Mindy Deep Has Her Name Put To The Test

All it took was for Mindy Deep to take a palm across her face and this FaceFucking scene was almost over. Everyone thought this big crybaby was going to tap out and run home as fast as she could, but she manned up and finished the scene. She didn’t just finish the scene, she delivered a powerful one. Mindy’s a cutie with a little bit of a pudgy tummy, but she’s doable and knows her way around the end of a cock. Today her name Deep was put to the test and she passed. Yes, she can deep throat a dick and can do so while her vomit is spewing out of her mouth. At times she sniffled like a baby, but something inside her made her keep on going like a good whore.

Watch Mindy Deep Down A Cock Like A Pro

Tiffany Wells Does Her First Porn

Tiffany Wells is a hot 18 year old doing her first porn ever for She has awesome big natural tits, a sweet ass, and is pretty hot. If she wanted to, she could go far in the porn world and make a name for herself. That’s not likely to happen now that her every ounce of being was completely destroyed. This whores throat was ruptured by hard dicks while the insults and humiliation broke her which left her in tears. Her smooth bald cunt was devastated from being annihilated by thick rods. After this Face Fucking experience it’s probably safe to say that this now soulless hoe won’t be doing any more porn.

Watch As Tiffany Wells Has Her Soul Broken


Sky Haven The Old Porn Hag

Sky Haven is older than dirt and has just now decided to do porn. It’s a good thing accepts all types of whores. Sky is exactly the type to be the crazy cat lady and own 100 of them. She also seems to be the type that would have no qualms about hopping in a dumpster to find something to eat or swallowing dicks at the local truck stops to make ends meet. With that being said, this hag does have some great skills and can handle the Face Fucking abuse like a superstar. All of her saggy old holes are open for business and there’s no pleasant way to describe what is done to them. This scene is vile and has the makings for an instant classic. It’s got it all…slaps to the face, big tits slapped around, anal, double penetration, epic amounts of puke, and more!

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Yuka Ozaki Wants To Be A Face Fucked Whore

Meet Yuka Ozaki, a Japanese milf who wants nothing more than to be a whore. This chicks downright mental with enough issues to go around. It’s those two things that landed her on the couch. To prove how badly she wanted to be a whore, when it came time for the fat American cocks to be shoved down her throat, she took them all the way down. The face fucking was the easy part, as soon as those dicks were thrust deep in her slit and ass, shit got all kinds of messed up. It’s like watching a train wreck, you can’t take your eyes off it. Yuka cried the whole damn time as if that was going to stop the guys from going hardcore on her. Somehow this scene is extremely entertaining.

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Gia Paige Returns For Another Face Fucking

Gia Paige is back for her second round of abuse on Like always the second round always ups the ante and this scene does just that. First this whore was tied up so all her holes could be filled without any interference. For good measure an anal hook was inserted into her asshole and she was shackled. Once completely exposed and helpless, she was fucked hard from all angles. Then the shackles came off and she was fitted with a dog collar that had a 25 pound dumbbell attached to it to ensure that the bitch stayed face down with her ass up. When she was thoroughly used and abuse a speculum was used to stretch that pretty little asshole of hers nice and wide. As soon as it was gaping nicely, an egg was cracked into her colon. While Harker and Gio shot their loads all over her face, she scrambled the egg inside her. As soon as the cum was dripping from her face, she spread her asshole open and plopped the egg out into the whore bowl. Now that’s some talent.

See Gia Paige Get An Egg Cracked In Her Ass

Felicity Feline Is A Flexible Whore

Felicity Feline is a hot whore who is completely down with the degrading shit. FaceFucking is perfect for her. Now this slut can take a face fucking, swallowing hard long poles down her throat with ease. She barely has any type of gag reflex and the only reason you can tell she has one is that vomit came out of her. That puke was then rubbed all over her pretty little face. Now the best feature of this skanks is that she’s flexible, she’s pretty much a human Gumby. The guys had a great time bending her in all kinds of positions as they pounded the fuck out of her.

Face Fucking Felicity Feline

Kendra Kole Is A Whore Like Her Mom presents Kendra Kole. She’s a petite whore who hates her mother yet is completely like her. Kendra’s mom is a huge skank who instead of raising her daughter, chose to suck off truckers at rest stops. Even though her dad raised her and gave her a good upbringing, she is following in her moms foot steps. It’s like the saying, “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.” Anyhow, this young slut is barely 100 pounds soaking wet has a head the size of an orange. This is a challenge for thrusting cocks down her esophagus as her jaw doesn’t open wide enough. But, that didn’t stop the face fucking from happening, she found a way to unhinge her jaw to take the hard wood down her throat over and over.

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Naomi Clark Earns $ To Get To Florida

Naomi Clark is a petite whore with an amazing set of natural boobs. She weighs in around 100 pounds and most of that weight is from her natural D tits. This weirdo pixie whore is only doing for one reason, to make enough money to take her slutty ass to Florida. Naomi sure had to work for that money even though she hated every minute of it. The guys didn’t take it easy one this one and all their insults made her cry from start to end. Naomi has a deep rooted issue she chose not to share. That doesn’t matter though as her tears of sorrow are our tears of joy. I have to hand it to this small cunt, she took dicks harder and deeper than pigs twice her size.

Watch Naomi Clark Be Humiliated

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