Lexi Jaxson Returns For Round 3 Of FaceFucking

Lexi Jaxson loves FaceFucking so much that she’s back for round 3. True to form the ante was upped especially as a 3rd time is rare. Lexi Jaxson is such a nasty pig that she was down for anything and everything. Today she rose to the challenge and did some really fucking gross things. Things that can’t even be mentioned. What can be said about this scene is that it’s amazing. Lexi is a cute chick with a hot body who has no problems embracing her inner whore to do unspeakable nasty shit. If you like filthy then this scene is for you.

See Lexi Jaxson Make A Complete Pig Out Of Herself On FaceFucking.com


Cali The First Timer Does FaceFucking

Cali is a 19 year old money grubbing whore who is doing FaceFucking for the first time. This just isn’t her first time at FF, it’s her first time doing any type of porn. Apparently this average whore thought it would be a good idea to just jump right on in to a style of porn that isn’t for everyone. Even veteran porn broads have a hard time handling the facial abuse. So anyhow, Cali was shown just what the meaning of face fucking is as she had her throat expanded by hard rods training it to take them deeper and deeper. Her cunt was pounded until it was stretched wide then Bootleg stretched it more by fisting her. There’s a whole lot of firsts for this whore.

Watch Cali Do Her First Ever Porn For FaceFucking.com

Anneliese The Undercover Pig Does FaceFucking

Anneliese walked onto the FaceFucking set and immediately looked to be out of her league. At first glace this petite whore looks as though she’s going to run away in the opposite direction. To everyone’s surprise Anneliese embraced the abuse and the cock. This pig was hiding her ability to swallow a dick balls deep without gagging. Pauly unleashed slap after slap on this broad and she didn’t even flinch. She’s also awesome at anal and can take the full length of a shaft all the way up her ass.

See Anneliese Be A Whore Pig On FaceFucking.com

Tay Vanity The Skilless Whore Does FaceFucking

Tay Vanity is a 19 year old broad who thinks she can handle Face Fucking. However this train wreck lacks the necessary skills and experience to make it any type of porn. She’s only had sex 4 times in her life, yes only 4 times and she thinks she has what it takes. Seriously? This broad’s dumber than she looks. Bootleg and Pauly treated her to one hell of a horrible face fucking experience. They unleashed such a deep-rooted facial abuse that they had this chick making retarded sounds. With every pump of a dick down her throat, the stupider the noises became. When it comes to fucking a cock, her lack of skills are readily apparent and looks like a newborn calf clumsily trying to stand for the first time. Her tight asshole was then filled with hard cocks that pounded it until she could take no more. Then in true FaceFucking fashion, she had loads of cum dumped on her stupid face.

Watch Tay Vanity Get A Dose Of Reality On FaceFucking.com

Laci Hurst Does FaceFucking For The Cash

Some of the whores that show up on Face Fucking make you wonder why they’re there and that’s the case with Laci Hurst. There’s no denying that she’s only will to take a brutal face fucking for the money otherwise she wouldn’t be here. Laci also happens to be a great submissive whore who knows her place. Both of the guys went hardcore on her throat pumping their cocks deeper and deeper and she took every inch. I think Laci Hurst is an undercover freak. When it came time to have her cunt fucked, both guys kept telling her how nice of a cunt it was. That shit doesn’t happen often on FF. It wasn’t until the end of the scene when she was sitting there covered in man goo that the reality of what she had just done hit her. You can watch the sadness in her eyes grow as she realizes more and more just how much of a pathetic whore she is.

See Laci Hurst Face Fucked On FaceFucking.com

Elizabeth Thorn Is Built For FaceFucking

Most of the whores who show up for FaceFucking aren’t built to handle it. Elizabeth Thorn on the other hand is made for it. She loves to completely let go and allow strange men to use her holes for their pleasure while they treat her like shit. It doesn’t take a professional to know that her daddy not being around most of her life is what has turned her into the whore she is today. No doubt it’s also the reason for her being a mental disaster. This scene is amazing. Elizabeth was handcuffed while she had her face fucked, her cunt destroyed, and her ass blown out.

Watch Elizabeth Thorn Enjoy The Abuse At FaceFucking.com

Vienna June Returns For More FaceFucking

It’s been awhile since Vienna June was last at FaceFucking. Since then she hasn’t really done anything related to porn. Now she’s fallen on some hard times and needs cash so her pussy is up for sale. Last time around she was paired up with Gio, this time she’s pitted against Pauly. He has one thing on his mind…to use this bitch up and make her day a horrible fucked up one. Vienna June is a petite chick that’s able to swallow a dick that’s bigger than half her body. As soon as she was warmed up for the facial abuse her throat was pumped until her stomach puked up its contents into the whore bowl. For good measure it was dumped all over her. Pauly used her cunt and mouth however he pleased to make sure she was aware she’s worthless.

See Vienna June Take On Pauly At FaceFucking.com

Amelia Dire Annihilated On FaceFucking.com

Amelia Dire has no dignity, probably never has and that’s what makes her perfect for FaceFucking.com. Past emotional traumas have left her without a soul and only demons rattling around inside. Have you ever tossed a coin down a well and waited to hear it hit the water, but it seems endless and makes no sound? Well, that’s exactly like Amelia Dire’s throat. No shit, this whore deep throated hard cocks like they were going out of style. She took dicks up her cunt and ass like it was nothing at all. It didn’t matter how hardcore and brutal the fucking was, she just took it. Even when the annihilation was taken to whole new heights, she didn’t bat an eyelash. This shit’s legendary!

Watch Amelia Dire Destroyed On FaceFucking.com

Yuka Ozaki The Crazy Jap Returns To FaceFucking

Look who’s back for round two on FaceFucking.com, it’s everyone’s favorite crazy Jap, Yuka Ozaki. Hell, you have to be crazy to enjoy hardcore face fucks that make you puke all over yourself. Yuka says she came back for revenge unbeknownst to her, she was only in for more disappointment. During the interview she told of receiving a ton of emails that all told her to shut the fuck up because she screamed so much. Anyhow, those emails worked and she took that advice thank fuck. Yuka got to meet Bootleg who was paired up with Pauly. You know these two can unleash some hell upon these whores. It’s pretty obvious that during her time away, Yuka worked on her deep throating skills because she was able to swallow the cocks really well. However, when it comes to having her cunt pounded she is still lacking skills. Her Asian slit was unable to handle the big rods so she kept wiggling and whimpered like she was shooting for one of those Asian porns. Once the guys were done unloading their jizz all over this loon’s face, they showed her what they thought of her. Pretty sure you all will probably agree with them.

See The Crazy Jap Yuka Ozaki On FaceFuckin.com

Logan Sinns Returns To FaceFucking To Sin Again

So Logan Sinns came back to FaceFucking.com to shoot her third scene. Apparently she really likes to sin and FF is the perfect way for her to do so. She walked in with an iota of dignity, but that quickly went to zero with some humiliation and degradation thanks to Bootleg and Pauly. They pulled out all the stops for this whore to show her that the reality is she is nothing more than a bunch of holes for men to stick their cocks in and make them cum. There’s nothing like some hardcore facial abuse to make a skank realize just how worthless she is. Logan quickly realized this and it floored her. The tears started to streak down her face as the cocks kept pumping her throat. The slaps kept ringing out leaving nice red marks. The loads on her face were big, leaving her to contemplate her life choices.

Watch As Logan Sinns Has Her Dignity Ripped Away On FaceFucking.com

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