Yuka Ozaki The Crazy Jap Returns To FaceFucking

Look who’s back for round two on FaceFucking.com, it’s everyone’s favorite crazy Jap, Yuka Ozaki. Hell, you have to be crazy to enjoy hardcore face fucks that make you puke all over yourself. Yuka says she came back for revenge unbeknownst to her, she was only in for more disappointment. During the interview she told of receiving a ton of emails that all told her to shut the fuck up because she screamed so much. Anyhow, those emails worked and she took that advice thank fuck. Yuka got to meet Bootleg who was paired up with Pauly. You know these two can unleash some hell upon these whores. It’s pretty obvious that during her time away, Yuka worked on her deep throating skills because she was able to swallow the cocks really well. However, when it comes to having her cunt pounded she is still lacking skills. Her Asian slit was unable to handle the big rods so she kept wiggling and whimpered like she was shooting for one of those Asian porns. Once the guys were done unloading their jizz all over this loon’s face, they showed her what they thought of her. Pretty sure you all will probably agree with them.

See The Crazy Jap Yuka Ozaki On FaceFuckin.com


Logan Sinns Returns To FaceFucking To Sin Again

So Logan Sinns came back to FaceFucking.com to shoot her third scene. Apparently she really likes to sin and FF is the perfect way for her to do so. She walked in with an iota of dignity, but that quickly went to zero with some humiliation and degradation thanks to Bootleg and Pauly. They pulled out all the stops for this whore to show her that the reality is she is nothing more than a bunch of holes for men to stick their cocks in and make them cum. There’s nothing like some hardcore facial abuse to make a skank realize just how worthless she is. Logan quickly realized this and it floored her. The tears started to streak down her face as the cocks kept pumping her throat. The slaps kept ringing out leaving nice red marks. The loads on her face were big, leaving her to contemplate her life choices.

Watch As Logan Sinns Has Her Dignity Ripped Away On FaceFucking.com

Cierra Jade Came & Saw & Sucked Ass

Cierra Jade is just another big moronic whore who thinks she can handle FaceFucking and porn. Oh man this slut is so stupid and wrong seeing as she can’t even throat a cock without crying. Sure having a dick jammed down your gullet will bring out some emotions, but seriously bitch it was your own damn choice, put on your big girl panties and shut up. Hopefully all the slaps, face fucking, and cunt pounding made this broad think about how this shit isn’t for her and she sucks ass at being a whore, one of the easiest things to be. By the time the load was spewed onto her face, she was probably thinking about becoming a lesbian. Fingers crossed she goes that route as no one on this side wants her.

Watch As Cierra Jade Regrets Her Choice To Do Facefucking.com

Jade Rose Excels At Being Face Fucked

FaceFucking.com doesn’t discriminate against whores and to prove that, here’s Jade Rose. She tips the scales at 215 pounds, has a body shape akin to a pile of mashed potatoes, and is an overall eyesore. Jade does have a great personality, but that won’t take you far in porn. However what will is having such low self esteem that you’ll do anything for a mans attention. All it took to get her on the Face Fucking couch was the promise of candy and she really likes candy because she did one hell of a job. Her scene is fucking awesome! This chick can take a face fucking like it’s nothing. That’s probably due to her always shoving food down her throat. Hey, whatever works right. It’s always the fatties that are willing to do the things that will burn images into your head that will haunt you forever.

See Jade Rose Nail Her FaceFucking.com Scene

Yesenia Sparkles Is A Master Cock Sucker

Unlike most of the sluts who do FaceFucking.com, Yesenia Sparkles actually has a master’s degree. Haven’t got a fucking clue what it’s in, but it should be in sucking dick and being a whore. Yesenia is a petite skank weighing 98 pounds and standing just 5′ 2″. Don’t let her smallness fool you, she can take a hardcore cunt pounding like it’s nothing at all. Even double penetration by two huge cocks is nothing and she can take it like a champ. Best of all, she’s not afraid to get messy and this scene is just that…messy. Oh, you may want to turn the volume down as shit also gets loud.

Watch Yesenia Sparkles Take A Hardcore Fucking At FaceFucking.com

Alora Jaymes Returns For A Third FaceFucking Scene

The FaceFucking.com couch has seen Alora Jaymes before. In fact today is the third time her ass has been on it. This time around though there is a first for her as she’s about to meet Bootleg. Take those two and throw in Pauly Harker and it’s a recipe for a hell of a scene. The two of these power houses were firing on all cylinders and went all out on Alora. They introduced her to the slop pool right away and whenever the whore gagged on one of their giant dicks, it filled up more. As the level of puke rose, the messier things got. After she took a little dip in her stomach contents, it was time for her ass and cunt to be fucked. Both the anal and pussy poundings were intense. Just for good measure there was some double penetration as all whores should be fucked in both holes at the same time. It’s always a great scene when the skank shows up and actually works for her money.

See Bootleg & Pauly Show Alora Jaymes What FaceFucking.com Is Really About

Lexi Jaxson Can’t Get Enough Face Fucking

It’s been what? A week? Lexi Jaxson’s back on Face Fucking. Apparently porn pays better than stripping. As always whenever a whore returns, the ante is upped and today was no exception. There’s a new prop at the FF studio…a slop pool and Lexi had the honors of being the first to use it. As the cocks were thrust into her throat over and over gagging her while making her vomit, it was all contained nicely in the pool. Once there was a sufficient amount of her gut juice, she was made to splish and splash around in it. This took things to another level of messy. Seeing as Lexi Jaxson has a face akin to a cunt, this scene is primarily face fucking. Of course she was given a facial with a load of cum as it’s such a nice way of saying thanks for being a dumb slut and goodbye.

Watch Lexi Jaxson Be Introduced To The Slop Pool On FaceFucking.com

Lexi Jaxson The Perfect Fuck Doll

Lexi Jaxson is a stripper who has decided to do FaceFucking to get paid for doing extras inside of giving them away for free in the VIP. The good thing about this whore is that she knows how to do a job to the best of her ability. She’s 24, weighs 104 lbs, and has a really hot body. Her tits are nice, her cunt is sweet, and her ass is amazing, making her look like a perfect fuck doll. To start things off Pauly shoved his cock down her throat, stretching it to twice its size. With every thrust more of her stomach contents came out as her dignity was slowly drained. You’ll love this scene because Lexi isn’t afraid to get messy.

See Lexi Face Fucked & Messy On FaceFucking.com

Jazmine Jayyde Whores Out For Rent Money

Meet Jazmine Jayyde who comes off as a cunt and is really one. It’s Face Fucking for her seeing as she’s late on her rent and needs some quick cash. We all know porn is a great way to do that. Jazmine doesn’t like doing porn…my heart bleeds peanut butter for the whore. Doesn’t really matter what the skank likes, when she’s paid to do something she’s going to do while getting an additude adjustment. When she got to the studio she was already having a bad day and had no idea it was about to become a horrible one. It started off with having her throat shredded by a huge cock. Then her juicy pussy was pounded and stretched out. So she made her rent money via some old school hardcore fucking that was brutal.

Watch Jazmine Jayyde Have Her Attitude Adjusted On FaceFucking.com

Andie Adore Travels Cock To Cock

Andie Adore has decided the best way to meet new people is to travel the globe while sucking dick on camera. FaceFucking.com is her first stop along the way and her first look into the porn industry. She’s a pretty cute punk rocker chick who will soon learn that any holes she has are only there for a cock to penetrate. Harker’s man meat was the first to stretch out her throat to prep her for the face fuck. He also dished out some high fives to her face that will make you wince. She unleashed her inner beast and took it all like a fucking boss. When it came time for the rod to thrust and destroy her shaved cunt, she loved every minute of it. Andie can ride a cock like a pro. You’ll love this scene.

See Andie Adore Learn What Porn Is Really Like On FaceFucking.com

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