Leilani Vega – A Hot Whore Degraded

Wow check out Leilani Vega, she’s got that adorable look that turns you right on. I’m not sure how Leilani ended up sitting on the Facial Abuse couch, but I sure am thankful. It’s exactly her type that looks the best as they’re face fucked and slapped until they break. With every thrust of a cock down her throat and every smack, she quickly realized that being at Facial Abuse is unlike being at any other studio. You can watch her eyes become empty and soulless as she realizes that maybe, just maybe, she made a mistake. To make things even sweeter, there’s nothing that quite measures up to watching a hot chick as she is made to puke all over herself as it is degrading and humiliating. By the time Leilani’s face is covered in man gravy, she’s totally used and broken. Such a whore she is.

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Lyla Kennedy Comes Back For Some Painal

So it hasn’t been long since the first time Lyla Kennedy was on the Facial Abuse couch. Her first scene was a good one, but this one is even better. Why? This time around her asshole is open for destruction. Lyla even admits that she’s a dirty little whore and she’s not lying. She’s also been working on her deep throating skills and today they were put to the test. Verdict? You can definitely see the difference as she can now take a massive cock down her throat further than before. Today her throat was thoroughly fucked until she gagged and puked. Now let’s get down to the the part of her scene that is what we call ‘painal’. For those of you that have no idea what that it, it’s basically a few steps above your average anal and involves way more pain. Lyla’s butthole was fucked violently and that little whore loved every second of it. By the time the anal was over, Lyla’s asshole gaped beautifully. For this only being her 4th time having her ass fucked so hard you’d think she was lying about it. She took it so well that I think she just found her new niche. Lyla was pounded so well that by the end of the scene, she could barely talk, she just kept stuttering. HAHA

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Hideous Holly North Is Humiliated

North. Ever wonder what the offspring of Flash Gordon and Larry Bird would look like? Well, you’re in luck as the answer is Holly North. I can’t think of one good thing to say about her appearance. She’s pasty and has fake blonde hair that stands up as if she put her finger in a light socket. This chicks beak is massive and takes up most of the space on her face making her look like she could be an owl of some sort. I’m pretty sure it could also be used as a dildo, I kid you not. As for the rest of her body, it’s not pretty either. There aren’t even any tits for a small bonus point, she’s flatter than a board. It’s pretty pathetic actually. Her only good feature is that she’s a submissive slut who knows how to be obedient. Holly is rebelling against her parents and has decided to do her first porn and it’s for Facial Abuse. No protests were put up when a hard cock was shoved down her throat gagging her. She then rode that dick like a good whore and obeyed all requests. At the very end, she’s spoon fed thick white man goo and she slurps it right up.

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Misty Lee Asks For The Abuse

The only word that comes to mind to describe Misty Lee’s Facial Abuse scene is…WOW! This is one 19 year old that can blow your mind she’s so fucked up. Looking at this tall, blonde, pretty girl messes with your head because you’d never be able to guess this wholesome looking girl could be into the downright nasty and rough shit. Like the majority of all sluts, this one is also going to sell her body for money to pay for her schooling and bills. This scene is so awesome that it should be used as a training tool for the whores who want to do Facial Abuse. Duke Skywalker hit the jackpot with this slut. Her life stories are in a category of their own seeing as ‘fucked up’ doesn’t begin to describe them. Now let’s talk about what this skank did. First off, she is a deep throat pro and can take a cock all the way down to the balls without even flinching. Even when face fucked to the point of puking, she enjoys it. She even drank her own barf right out of the whore bowl like it was water. But what made this scene all the more amazing was that she asked to be slapped and abused. You really don’t want to miss Misty Lee on Facial Abuse.

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Indigo Lotus The Tallest Whore Ever On Facial Abuse

Well holy fucking shit, Indigo Lotus is one hell of a tall bitch. This giant whore measures 6 feet and 1 inch which is 9 inches taller than the average skank height. There’s some people out there that get highly turned on by abnormally tall people, it’s called Giantess. Whatever floats your boat I guess. So let’s get back to the real topic on hand, the Indigo broad. This is her debut in porn and she picked Facial Abuse. It seems that this giant was miserable the whole time. Oh well, that’s what makes a great scene though. This giraffe with a boyish hair cut was brought to tears when a dick was shoved down her throat gagging her. Getting slapped around probably contributed to the crying too, but that’s how Facial Abuse rolls HAHA.

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Charlie Stevens Is Humiliated

Charlie Stevens has nothing special about her. In fact she’s the typical I owe money and need a quick way to get it type of whore. When she signed up to shoot for Facial Abuse, I don’t think this dumb cunt knew what she was getting herself into. As soon as the camera starts to roll it seems as though she’s going to tap out during the damn interview. Ready for some shocking news? She didn’t tap out. As soon as the face fucking began you could clearly see she’s not into anything extreme. However, she was put in her place and in no time she was taking a hard cock down her throat. After her throat was thoroughly used, her pussy was destroyed. As a parting gift, she got a face full of cum that she was also spoon fed.

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Stella Bella The Emotional Basket Case

There have been many Facial Abuse scenes that have been full of emotion however, I think this is one that may take the top prize. Stella Bella (What a dumb name) cried so fucking much it’s unreal. Thank fuck she decided to finally put on her big girl panties and shut the damn waterworks bullshit off and step her game up. This whore wants to be known and she realizes that the only way this is going to happen for her is by opening her mouth and allowing a dick to penetrate her throat gagging her as she pukes. That’s not all she’ll have to do, there’s also being spit on, slapped, choked, and all the other humiliating & degrading acts. I’m sure that her mother being a whore could be an extreme benefit for her. No one gives pointers as good as a mom.

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Avona Dominica The Snob Does Facial Abuse

Avona Dominica has bills to pay so she decided that doing Facial Abuse would be a good way to earn some money. I really don’t give a shit about these whores and their ‘poor me’ stories seeing as most of the stories are the same they just come from the mouths of other sluts. Doing porn is just a side thing for this slut, she’s a bikini model too. I guess that’s not working out too well for her. This cunt is a huge snob and that’s probably due to the fact that assholes keep telling her she’s hot. I will say however, that Avona did what she was paid to do and without acting like a huge diva. At first I thought this bitch was going to tap out, but she didn’t. The Facial Abuse guys made sure to knock her ass down a few levels by shoving their shafts down her throat gagging her and making her puke. She was also slapped around the way a cheap skank is. It’s a real treat to watch as a bitch is put in her place.

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Molly Smash – The Ultimate Facial Abuse Scene

This is Molly Smash and it’s a name that you’re going to want to remember. Facial Abuse is her first stop after not even being 18 for a week. First off, her main goal was to make sure her scene was legendary. This in itself is great as this is never a concern the other cunts have. Oh and she did in fact meet her goal. Man, you need to watch this scene as soon as possible because the word ‘gross’ does nothing to describe it. Molly Smash was down for anything and I mean ANYTHING. This scene has it all; puking, eating barf, rolling around in vomit, snot eating, pussy pounding and more! For all the Facial Abuse fans out there, this will easily become one of your most favorite scenes. I’m not sure where Duke Skywalker found this gem, but I hope there’s more.

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Lyla Kennedy Enjoys Hardcore Shit

You know that saying, “Looks can be deceiving?” Well this statement totally applies to Lyla Kennedy. On the outside she looks like a nerdy airheaded chick and on the inside she’s actually a fan of the hardcore shit. Lyla also enjoys watching Facial Abuse too. Who would have guessed huh? So now she gets to experience Facial Abuse on the other side of the screen. As it turns out, it’s not as easy as it looks. The whole process of being throat fucked made her gasp for air. To show how much she enjoys sick and twisted shit, as her bald pussy was being destroyed, she cums about 4 times. I love these closet freaks.

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