Kenzie Green The Snob Is Back On FaceFucking

Much to everyone’s dismay, Kenzie Green is back on FaceFucking. The last time she was on FF she was treated to an attitude adjustment. It seems to have worked seeing as when she walked in today she was all business. Bootleg and Gio really stepped things up a notch, this scene is so intense that it’s like it’s on steroids. This scene is full of nothing but high intensity action. This whore opened up all of her holes to be used and abused. Kenzie Greens first time around was messy, but today is double that. She had that tight little asshole of hers stretched open by thick cocks. Her cunt was pounded until she screamed. Then she had both her anus and pussy destroyed at the same time. The guys even got creative and used the anal hook to hang her up like a piece of ass meat.

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Taura Slade The Doofy Dyke Does FaceFucking

This is Taura Slade, a 20 year old feminist dyke who walked into FaceFucking ready to be degraded. This boxy framed loser with the Bieber haircut finds it empowering when men slap her around while spitting on her and farting in her face. Maybe one day she’ll write a paper on it so she can explain it to the rest of us non idiots. Bootleg and Gio quickly went into alpha male mode and gave this whore a dose of reality. Cocks were flying at her holes at all angles. If you can get over her doofy looks, you’ll enjoy this scene

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Gigi Skye The Chubby Korean Does FaceFucking

This Korean fatty is Gigi Skye and she’s doing FaceFucking seeing as she doesn’t mind puking all over herself. The throat pumps from Bootleg and Gio during the facial abuse made her spew rancid vomit everywhere. Gigi should probably change her diet as one whiff of her puke made everyone gag and want to vomit. Once her stomach was done erupting, her slit was taken care of. The guy’s pounded it from every angle and made their cocks go deeper even when her cunt couldn’t handle it. Then her Asian face was covered with loads of jizz.

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Kenzie Green The Bimbo Does FaceFucking

This is 22 year old Kenzie Green who is doing FaceFucking because she’s a huge dummy and can’t amount to anything else. She walked into the studio with a chip on her shoulder and the whole LA porn whore attitude. Once Bootleg and Gio took the reins, it didn’t take long for this cunt to be put in her place with some crisp hard slaps. They had their dicks flying in her face so fast that she turned into a sobbing cry baby. Every time the cocks pumped this sissy’s throat, the more she cried. By the time she was left sitting on the floor covered in loads of cum, she realized she totally regretted her poor life choices. Oh well!

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Jordyn Eve The Boston Loser Does FaceFucking

Meet Boston native Jordyn Eve. She’s doing FaceFucking seeing as she’s just fumbling her way through life and hitting dead ends left and right. In other words…she’s nothing more than a useless skank who sells herself for money. She now has the pleasure of meeting Bootleg and Gio who only want to fuck up her life even more. They took turns thrusting their cocks down her windpipe to make her gag. If that wasn’t punishment enough, they rammed their hard rods up her ass for some painful anal. Shockingly. this whore can take a pounding in the ass. She was left sitting there cum covered mulling over her miserable life back in Boston.

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Roxy Rain The Vegas Whore Does FaceFucking

Roxy Rain is tall, slender, and built to fuck. She in no way looks like she belongs on FaceFucking. However, she’s from Vegas and you know that means she’s a 24 year old whore. Once the guys learned where she was from they knew the exact type they were about to be dealing with and changed their game plan. It’s these pretty ones that waltz in and think that they’re going to run the show who need to be taught a lesson and have their day completely ruined. Roxy was nothing more than a pig covered with cum and spit by the end of the scene. Bootleg and Pauly thoroughly destroyed and humiliated this hot piece of ass.

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Venus Rose Does FaceFucking For Her Dyke Girlfriend

Today on FaceFucking is Venus Rose who has been looking to break in to the porn scene for a while now. Seems she’s had some real bad luck when it comes to the “agents” she’s hired. The first one told her that she was too fat and refused to work with her. The second “agent” literally fucked her in the ass for an “audition”. So here she sits on the facial abuse couch ready to film a brutal hardcore scene so she can make some money to pay for her dyke girlfriends laser eye surgery to correct her color blindness. Maybe it makes her feel like she’s some type of better person, but who cares. Anyhow she does deserve some kudos for a good performance. Venus embraced the fact that she’s a worthless piece of shit whore. She can swallow a cock great, have her pussy pounded like a porn star, and is willing to spread her ass cheeks and take one up her poop shoot.

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Amelia Dire Does Round 2 Of FaceFucking

This is Amelia Dire and her FaceFucking scene today is incredible. No shit, this has got to be one of the top 3 scenes of all time. Amelia Dire has no limits which has paved the way for her to be Face Fucking Royalty. The face fucking is brutal, the cunt pounding is hardcore, the anal destroys her asshole, and that’s just the beginning. Amelia was even down with fisting her own anus, she shove her arm right up her poop shoot. Things got creative with some gummy worms too. Not going to say how though as you need to see for yourself. DO NOT MISS THIS SCENE!

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Lexi Jaxson Returns For Round 3 Of FaceFucking

Lexi Jaxson loves FaceFucking so much that she’s back for round 3. True to form the ante was upped especially as a 3rd time is rare. Lexi Jaxson is such a nasty pig that she was down for anything and everything. Today she rose to the challenge and did some really fucking gross things. Things that can’t even be mentioned. What can be said about this scene is that it’s amazing. Lexi is a cute chick with a hot body who has no problems embracing her inner whore to do unspeakable nasty shit. If you like filthy then this scene is for you.

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Cali The First Timer Does FaceFucking

Cali is a 19 year old money grubbing whore who is doing FaceFucking for the first time. This just isn’t her first time at FF, it’s her first time doing any type of porn. Apparently this average whore thought it would be a good idea to just jump right on in to a style of porn that isn’t for everyone. Even veteran porn broads have a hard time handling the facial abuse. So anyhow, Cali was shown just what the meaning of face fucking is as she had her throat expanded by hard rods training it to take them deeper and deeper. Her cunt was pounded until it was stretched wide then Bootleg stretched it more by fisting her. There’s a whole lot of firsts for this whore.

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