Lola Vaughn Face Fucked & Tapped Out

Lola Vaughn is one of the prettier ones to be on Face Fucking. Just looking at her you’d think she’d be able to handle some extreme hardcore fucking, but sadly she can’t. Taking cocks down her throat proved to be too much for this whore to handle so she threw in the towel. It wasn’t a total loss as you can see pure misery in her eyes as the dicks are shoved down her esophagus and with every slap. Before she left the guys unleashed balls of cum over her face which provided for a nice facial. Hopefully in the future this skank realizes she’s only good for one thing and learns how to handle the rough shit.

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Adison Asher The Fat Face Fuck

Meet Adison Asher, a chubby chick with a great personality. If Face Fucking or the porn world cared about personalities instead of being shallow and basing success on looks, Adison would go far. The truth is this fat fuck doesn’t have much going for her. She’s got a set of floppy pancake tits, she’s shaped like an egg, and is a real dumpster who is the type that will do anything just to hang out with attractive people. Today she showed us what she’s really good at, shoving things down her throat. Yes this obese whore is excellent at taking hard dick down her gullet and rocked the face fucking. She was then bent over so the cocks could go to work on stretching out her asshole. All-in-all even though she’s huge, she did a good job.

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Amy Aimless Is Into Face Fucking

Amy Aimless is a haggard looking 27 year old who looks like drugs and booze took a toll on, but that’s not the case it’s just bad genes. The good thing is that this whore showed up to Face Fucking ready to work and got straight to business right away. Most of the girls who show up and say they’re into rough shit are complete liars, Amy is not one of those. This chick is actually really into the extreme hardcore fucking. The guys really stepped it up for this shoot. The slaps were harder and the cocks were thrust into her throat further. She’s also in anal and had her asshole destroyed. Today Amy was taught a new trick, how to gape her asshole and gape it did. Oh and she had her cunt pounded and asshole tore up at the same time for some lovely double penetration.

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Gia Paige Humiliated & Crying

Check out Gia Paige, she has no porn experience at all, but has done some nude modelling. Exactly how does one go from doing simple nudes to being degraded on Face Fucking? Actually, it really doesn’t even matter, she made her choice. This slut was slapped around like a worthless skank, spat on, and was extremely degraded. Things got emotional and there was some crying, but that makes shit all the better. When things got even more extreme, Gia sucked it up and didn’t throw in the towel. She was humiliated to the point that her soul was lost. This is a truly awesome scene.

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Metal Kitty Makes Her Third Appearance

Metal Kitty is back on Face Fucking for her third time. This time around she was pushed to her limits which made it a special day. From the beginning of the interview, things got heated and interesting. This dumb petite cunt spilled her guts and gave the guys ammo to kick everything up a notch. The face fucking this time around was messier and way more intense than the first two times combined. You know what really makes Metal Kitty get grossed out? Spit. Wait until you get a load of how that knowledge was used. Finally, this time around not only were her ass and pussy filled with dick, it was at the same time. Anal and double penetration always makes a scene better. You need to see this scene.

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Lila Rose Loses Her Soul

Lila Rose grew up as an orphan and without anyone loving her. Cry me a river, who really cares? It’s thanks to her upbringing and the fact that she’s mentally fucked up that she’s shooting for Face Fucking. This whore knows she’s damaged goods and had enough sense to realize that she’s only good for porn. This isn’t Lila’s first porn shoot, she’s shot for other places, but at she’s got to put in some real work in order to get paid. Pauly and Gio didn’t take it easy on her either as they shoved their cocks down her throat. As their hands made contact with her face, her eyes got wider and wider. They put this slut through the wringer and surprisingly she held up.

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Erika Devine Can’t Handle The Hardcore

Meet Erika Devine, the dumb whore who continues to make all the wrong desicions in her pathetic life. Now she can add to that list. She has quite the past, from religious nuts for parents to being caught up in a credit card scam. No matter what way you look at this slut, she’s got scum written all over. Her bad decision today is landing on the Face Fucking couch to endure some of the most hardcore treatment she’ll ever get. This skank weighs in at about 100 pounds, but that didn’t stop the guys from shoving their dicks down her throat at warp speed. It doesn’t take this chick long to have an emotional breakdown, the kind that makes a scene golden. The breakdown didn’t hinder the guys abilities to stretch out her cunt with their cocks.

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