Victoria Monet Has Her Throat Fucked On FaceFucking

Victoria Monet used to be one of those hot club whores, but today she’s doing FaceFucking as she’s low on cash. Back in her 20’s she had a pretty face, tight body, and firm tits, now she’s nothing more than an aging cougar. Time has not been kind to her at all as now she’s full of wrinkles and has saggy tits. Victoria uses her old slit to make her daily money by slinging things like dildos and bowling pins from it. Today she showed off her skills with the ping pong balls that were crammed into her cunt. Bootleg then stuffed his cock in there and pounded her pussy as he slammed her head into the couch. Once this old bag was completely used, her face was covered in jizz.

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Camille Black Is Back For Round 3 On FaceFucking

The guys over at FaceFucking like Camille Black so much that they asked her back for round 3. It probably has something to due with the fact that this chubby nerd always shows up ready to put in work. This time around all of Camille’s holes were open for business. Pauly Harker shoved his hard cock right up her ass and then down her throat for some ass to mouth action. Every time Camille Black does Face Fucking it just keeps getting messier and this round was no exception. This whore is so fucked up that she’ll perform the depraved acts on herself without any prompting. If you’re looking to have your stomach turn, this scenes for you.

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Taura Slade Is Back For More Abuse On FaceFucking

Taura Slade did FaceFucking not long ago and is back already. Today she gets to feel the wrath of Bootleg who had to do double duty seeing as he was a man down. As you know Bootleg is a master so it was easy for him to step his game up. It was also easy seeing as Taura was up for trying out new things including fisting. Bootleg rammed his fist so far up her cunt that he looked like he was putting on a puppet show. With all his slaps and spitting on her, by the time he thrashed her asshole with his cock, she was stripped of her identity. She was nothing more than a set of tits and a mouth as she was spoon fed the cum that was blasted onto her face. All you feminist cunts can start your customary bitching now…

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Venus Rose Does FaceFucking For Her Dyke Girlfriend

Today on FaceFucking is Venus Rose who has been looking to break in to the porn scene for a while now. Seems she’s had some real bad luck when it comes to the “agents” she’s hired. The first one told her that she was too fat and refused to work with her. The second “agent” literally fucked her in the ass for an “audition”. So here she sits on the facial abuse couch ready to film a brutal hardcore scene so she can make some money to pay for her dyke girlfriends laser eye surgery to correct her color blindness. Maybe it makes her feel like she’s some type of better person, but who cares. Anyhow she does deserve some kudos for a good performance. Venus embraced the fact that she’s a worthless piece of shit whore. She can swallow a cock great, have her pussy pounded like a porn star, and is willing to spread her ass cheeks and take one up her poop shoot.

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Anneliese The Undercover Pig Does FaceFucking

Anneliese walked onto the FaceFucking set and immediately looked to be out of her league. At first glace this petite whore looks as though she’s going to run away in the opposite direction. To everyone’s surprise Anneliese embraced the abuse and the cock. This pig was hiding her ability to swallow a dick balls deep without gagging. Pauly unleashed slap after slap on this broad and she didn’t even flinch. She’s also awesome at anal and can take the full length of a shaft all the way up her ass.

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Vienna June Returns For More FaceFucking

It’s been awhile since Vienna June was last at FaceFucking. Since then she hasn’t really done anything related to porn. Now she’s fallen on some hard times and needs cash so her pussy is up for sale. Last time around she was paired up with Gio, this time she’s pitted against Pauly. He has one thing on his mind…to use this bitch up and make her day a horrible fucked up one. Vienna June is a petite chick that’s able to swallow a dick that’s bigger than half her body. As soon as she was warmed up for the facial abuse her throat was pumped until her stomach puked up its contents into the whore bowl. For good measure it was dumped all over her. Pauly used her cunt and mouth however he pleased to make sure she was aware she’s worthless.

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Cierra Jade Came & Saw & Sucked Ass

Cierra Jade is just another big moronic whore who thinks she can handle FaceFucking and porn. Oh man this slut is so stupid and wrong seeing as she can’t even throat a cock without crying. Sure having a dick jammed down your gullet will bring out some emotions, but seriously bitch it was your own damn choice, put on your big girl panties and shut up. Hopefully all the slaps, face fucking, and cunt pounding made this broad think about how this shit isn’t for her and she sucks ass at being a whore, one of the easiest things to be. By the time the load was spewed onto her face, she was probably thinking about becoming a lesbian. Fingers crossed she goes that route as no one on this side wants her.

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Jazmine Jayyde Whores Out For Rent Money

Meet Jazmine Jayyde who comes off as a cunt and is really one. It’s Face Fucking for her seeing as she’s late on her rent and needs some quick cash. We all know porn is a great way to do that. Jazmine doesn’t like doing porn…my heart bleeds peanut butter for the whore. Doesn’t really matter what the skank likes, when she’s paid to do something she’s going to do while getting an additude adjustment. When she got to the studio she was already having a bad day and had no idea it was about to become a horrible one. It started off with having her throat shredded by a huge cock. Then her juicy pussy was pounded and stretched out. So she made her rent money via some old school hardcore fucking that was brutal.

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Andie Adore Travels Cock To Cock

Andie Adore has decided the best way to meet new people is to travel the globe while sucking dick on camera. is her first stop along the way and her first look into the porn industry. She’s a pretty cute punk rocker chick who will soon learn that any holes she has are only there for a cock to penetrate. Harker’s man meat was the first to stretch out her throat to prep her for the face fuck. He also dished out some high fives to her face that will make you wince. She unleashed her inner beast and took it all like a fucking boss. When it came time for the rod to thrust and destroy her shaved cunt, she loved every minute of it. Andie can ride a cock like a pro. You’ll love this scene.

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Mindy Deep Has Her Name Put To The Test

All it took was for Mindy Deep to take a palm across her face and this FaceFucking scene was almost over. Everyone thought this big crybaby was going to tap out and run home as fast as she could, but she manned up and finished the scene. She didn’t just finish the scene, she delivered a powerful one. Mindy’s a cutie with a little bit of a pudgy tummy, but she’s doable and knows her way around the end of a cock. Today her name Deep was put to the test and she passed. Yes, she can deep throat a dick and can do so while her vomit is spewing out of her mouth. At times she sniffled like a baby, but something inside her made her keep on going like a good whore.

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