Katie Fallon Learns A Lesson

What’s one of the biggest mistakes you can make when you’re booked to shoot a Facial Abuse scene? You do what Katie Fallon did and show up 5 hours late. Who does this whore think she is that she thinks that her time is more valuable than anyone else? As punishment it was made sure that she was miserable from the moment she got there until the moment she left. Her tight throat had a cock shoved all the way down gagging her and making her puke. She looks great with chunky vomit covering her face. Her pussy was pounded bareback over and over. By the time her face was covered in a nice load of cum, she was thoroughly humiliated.

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Ruby Octroi Makes Her Porn Debut

Can someone please let Ruby Octroi know that the 80’s are long gone. Take a look at her ridiculous haircut that looks like it was done with a weed whacker…horrible. This feisty whore is actually a cool chick even if she has a weird look and name. She has chosen Facial Abuse to make her debut into the wonderful world of porn. You can tell by her deep throating to the balls skill that she’s had plenty of practice. It takes little effort for her to have a shaft thrust to the back of her throat. Want to know what else this broad enjoys? Anal! That’s right, she loves to bend over and spread her ass cheeks so a dick can pound away at her asshole. After the ass pounding, she received a treat; a load all over her face and being spoon fed cum that she slurped right up.

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Zoey Portland Rocks A Face Fucking

Zoey Portland isn’t just another hot slut, she’s an obedient one.  This big titted blonde got to the studio and did exactly what she was supposed to without uttering any protests.  Most whores have to take at least one break,. but not Zoey, oh no, she didn’t take any at all.  The whores that want to be on Facial Abuse should take notice and inspire to be more like her. Zoey has the perfect setup; big tits, a nice body, long legs, and an empty head.  Zoey never tapped out when most sluts would have she’s a trooper.

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Ashden Returns For An Emotional Round 2

So because Ashden’s first time wasn’t really emotional, she thought she could handle another round of Facial Abuse. HA HA, silly whore! This time around she cried from the beginning of the shoot until the end. I’d tell you why she was crying, but I think it would be better if you found out for yourself. I will say that she probably opened herself up way more than she wanted to and of course that’s something that the guy’s will take advantage of. Sucks for her but, oh well she’s nothing more than a slut and her feelings don’t count.

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Jocelyn Jade Does Her First Extreme Porn

So Jocelyn Jade is doing her first extreme porn and has chosen to do it for Facial Abuse. She had a spunky little attitude until the first crack of Big Red’s hand. After that she became extremely pliable and did whatever she was told to do. It’s amazing how she became so submissive and obedient. This whore gagged on a hard cock over and over again. As she was slobbering on the hard dicks, her eyes took on the ’empty’ appearance. After the face fucking, her tight anus was stretched out by Bootleg’s and Big Red’s throbbing hard cocks. When it was stretched out to an appropriate size, the guy’s shot their loads of cum all over her face giving her a nice facial.

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Hottie Addison Rose Gets A Facial Abuse

Duke Skywalker found this rose right before she withers. Addison Rose is a hot 27 year old who has lots of sex appeal. This blonde hottie has a tan and lean body and best of all, she even has brains. Duke Skywalker found a total package whore. The guys at Facial Abuse really gave this chick a hardcore workout. They shoved hard cocks down her throat making her gag, slapped her pretty little face, pounded her pussy, choked her and finished her off with a nice facial.

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Maia Davis Gets An Extreme Face Fucking

Maia Davis is a tall lanky blonde whore who is a newcomer in porn who is somewhat known. She’s the type of slut who just wants to moan and sigh through a scene. Uh hello, she signed up for Facial Abuse and of course the guys are going to make this skank work for her money. Oh man did they ever put her through the ringer! Seriously, they went hardcore on her. She even had the nerve to brag about her deep throating skills which were put to the test with a nice hard cock shoved down her throat. But, even her so called skills couldn’t stop her from puking. Maia also received some lovely hard slaps and was basically tossed around like a rag doll. Overall she’s pretty good at taking the abuse while gagging on a dick during a face fucking. I’m telling you that you’re going to love this scene, it’s awesome.

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Nastia The Dumbest Whore On Facial Abuse?

Meet Nastia. She’s one of those whores who are so dumb that they make you want to shoot yourself. This stupid bimbo thought a shoot at Facial Abuse was going to be easy..HAHAHA! She claims to be a ballerina…really? No seriously, this can’t be true seeing as she’s like a bull in a china shop. If she had of said she was a prostitute, it would totally be more believable. Is she flexible? Sure but, so are all the other whores who do nothing but fuck random dicks all day. I wish I could say this broad has some cock sucking skills but, she can barely handle being face fucked. However, she does take a facial like a pro.

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Holly Brooks Enjoys Some Painal

Holly Brooks is pretty hot even though she’s at the ripe old age of 29. She’s an ‘up and coming porn star’. Holly came to Facial Abuse to prove that she’s still a whore and has what it takes to keep up with the young chicks. To help her out on this, the guy’s put her through the ringer and she passed. Within seconds of a huge cock being shoved down her throat gagging her, this old hag was covered with her own vomit. Did she give up? Nope, this broad took the face fucking like a champ. Even the humiliation didn’t send this geezer running. Hell, she even took a dick deep in her ass without a complaint. Ever heard of painal? That’s what she got.

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Jolee 2 Pukes Up The Most Vomit She Ever Has

Jolee is back! She definitely looks hotter than her last appearance at Facial Abuse. Unlike most of the whores, this nubile bitch has a nice trim and fit body. For Jolee’s second visit, the Facial Abuse boys wanted to make it special. They made her barf up more puke than she ever has. It’s amazing how her belly could hold so much vomit and she ended up wearing it, making her smell as though she just climbed out of a dumpster. Jolee without a doubt outperformed her last scene. What a good whore she is.

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