Paige Madoxx Gets Ass Fucked On FaceFucking

On FaceFucking today is Paige Madoxx, a redheaded fattie. She resembles the chick in Silence of the Lambs who was kidnapped by Buffalo Bill in the beginning of the movie. Anyhow, Bootleg and Pauly destroyed this hog with their cocks. All of her holes were used and abuse by dick even her cunt and asshole were pounded at the same time. Paige gagged whenever a cock was shoved down her throat which made her puke all over them. The slaps were so hard that her pale skin turned rosy red. To end it all, her face was covered in cum and as it dripped down her fat cheeks she had her brain picked on her face fucking experience.

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May West The Chubbster Does FaceFucking

This May West FaceFucking scene almost didn’t happen. That’s right, there was no one to shoot it and Duke Skywalker got a call at the last minute as he was just getting out of bed. Anyhow he quickly freshened up and headed on out the door. When he got there the huge titted chubster was sitting there reading a book. He had her pop one of her boobs out to feel the weight of it because he was awestruck by their size. Once the titty was felt up, Bootleg and Pauly went to work on her throat. They pumbled her gullet with their cocks with contempt and she took it all as if it was kielbasa. Out of nowhere, the GX 32 Modulator suddenly had a huge dildo on it and was going to work on her fat pussy. That was the warm up for the double penetration. The guys thrust their cocks in and out of her making the DP look like it was on speed. May just laid there taking all of the punishment and enjoying it. When her cunt and asshole were finally destroyed, they hit her with cumshots right between her eyes at the same time.

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Gigi Skye The Chubby Korean Does FaceFucking

This Korean fatty is Gigi Skye and she’s doing FaceFucking seeing as she doesn’t mind puking all over herself. The throat pumps from Bootleg and Gio during the facial abuse made her spew rancid vomit everywhere. Gigi should probably change her diet as one whiff of her puke made everyone gag and want to vomit. Once her stomach was done erupting, her slit was taken care of. The guy’s pounded it from every angle and made their cocks go deeper even when her cunt couldn’t handle it. Then her Asian face was covered with loads of jizz.

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Cierra Jade Came & Saw & Sucked Ass

Cierra Jade is just another big moronic whore who thinks she can handle FaceFucking and porn. Oh man this slut is so stupid and wrong seeing as she can’t even throat a cock without crying. Sure having a dick jammed down your gullet will bring out some emotions, but seriously bitch it was your own damn choice, put on your big girl panties and shut up. Hopefully all the slaps, face fucking, and cunt pounding made this broad think about how this shit isn’t for her and she sucks ass at being a whore, one of the easiest things to be. By the time the load was spewed onto her face, she was probably thinking about becoming a lesbian. Fingers crossed she goes that route as no one on this side wants her.

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Cali Rider Thinks She Isn’t A Whore

Cali Rider is just like the rest of the whores and thinks she’s the smartest thing on this planet. It’s quite clear that this chubby slut has no more brains than a rock otherwise her fat ass wouldn’t be sitting on the Facial Abuse couch. This little skank doesn’t think that just because she takes money for getting fucked that she’s a whore. Cali has a great man at home who loves her and has no idea that she’ll be used and abused by Duke Skywalker, Big Red, and Bootleg. As far as he knows, she quit doing porn and she’s so dumb that she thinks he’ll never find out about her lies. This scene starts out with Cali having her throat pounded until she could no longer hold back her puke and it spewed forth. The good thing about chubby chicks is that their stomachs can hold in awesome amounts of barf. Once she was done being face fucked, the guy’s blew their loads all over her face. I don’t think she liked the facial much seeing as she wasn’t quite sure what to do about the jizz being in her eyes and mouth.

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