Indigo Lotus The Tallest Whore Ever On Facial Abuse

Well holy fucking shit, Indigo Lotus is one hell of a tall bitch. This giant whore measures 6 feet and 1 inch which is 9 inches taller than the average skank height. There’s some people out there that get highly turned on by abnormally tall people, it’s called Giantess. Whatever floats your boat I guess. So let’s get back to the real topic on hand, the Indigo broad. This is her debut in porn and she picked Facial Abuse. It seems that this giant was miserable the whole time. Oh well, that’s what makes a great scene though. This giraffe with a boyish hair cut was brought to tears when a dick was shoved down her throat gagging her. Getting slapped around probably contributed to the crying too, but that’s how Facial Abuse rolls HAHA.

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Stella Bella The Emotional Basket Case

There have been many Facial Abuse scenes that have been full of emotion however, I think this is one that may take the top prize. Stella Bella (What a dumb name) cried so fucking much it’s unreal. Thank fuck she decided to finally put on her big girl panties and shut the damn waterworks bullshit off and step her game up. This whore wants to be known and she realizes that the only way this is going to happen for her is by opening her mouth and allowing a dick to penetrate her throat gagging her as she pukes. That’s not all she’ll have to do, there’s also being spit on, slapped, choked, and all the other humiliating & degrading acts. I’m sure that her mother being a whore could be an extreme benefit for her. No one gives pointers as good as a mom.

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Tiffany Kohl Enjoys Some Misery

Have you been looking for a Facial Abuse scene with the intensity of a Duke Skywalker one? Well look no further than this scene with Tiffany Kohl because the misery has definitely returned. Now this chick isn’t the typical type that show up on the FA couch, but she does share one common factor with the rest of the whores, she has some huge emotional baggage and issues. And it’s for that reason she’s a great choice for Facial Abuse. Poor Tiffany doesn’t really like having her face fucked so the bitch cried during it. Did she think tears would stop the cocks from being rammed down her throat? Then her pretty little pussy was teared apart by some hard dicks. It was her first time experiencing such a pounding.

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Whore Danica Dillon Gets Face Fucked For The 3rd Time

This is Danica Dillon’s third (Yes that says 3rd) Facial Abuse shoot. This chick has to have some messed up brain waves to keep coming back. It’s as if she lurks in the shadows of the studio waiting for some slut to cancel so she can take the whores place. It’s a good thing she’s a pretty whore. I know you might be sick of looking at her anyhow, but have no fear, this scene is worth it. For this shoot, Danica Dillon turned into one crying, sobbing mess. She cried while having her face fucked, cried while there was a hard cock up her ass and even cried as her face was covered in cum! Oh and the fun didn’t end after the facial, oh no, that’s when the Facial Abuse guy’s called up Duke Skywalker on speaker phone. Why did they do this? So Duke Skywalker could join in on the fun and lay into this whore from the comfort of his own house.

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Ashden Returns For An Emotional Round 2

So because Ashden’s first time wasn’t really emotional, she thought she could handle another round of Facial Abuse. HA HA, silly whore! This time around she cried from the beginning of the shoot until the end. I’d tell you why she was crying, but I think it would be better if you found out for yourself. I will say that she probably opened herself up way more than she wanted to and of course that’s something that the guy’s will take advantage of. Sucks for her but, oh well she’s nothing more than a slut and her feelings don’t count.

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Danica Dillon Take 2

Danica Dillon returns to shoot her second Facial Abuse scene. She said her first scene was “miserable” so you know she’s in for more this time around. Danica made the mistake of letting it slip that no one made her barf during her first scene. Needless to say, that was accomplished this time. Oh and she even cried! You can see the tears rolling down her face. It also hurts her feelings if she’s called things like fat so you know it was done over and over. This chicks a good whore though and takes a hard dick up her ass like a pro.

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