Whore Danica Dillon Gets Face Fucked For The 3rd Time

This is Danica Dillon’s third (Yes that says 3rd) Facial Abuse shoot. This chick has to have some messed up brain waves to keep coming back. It’s as if she lurks in the shadows of the studio waiting for some slut to cancel so she can take the whores place. It’s a good thing she’s a pretty whore. I know you might be sick of looking at her anyhow, but have no fear, this scene is worth it. For this shoot, Danica Dillon turned into one crying, sobbing mess. She cried while having her face fucked, cried while there was a hard cock up her ass and even cried as her face was covered in cum! Oh and the fun didn’t end after the facial, oh no, that’s when the Facial Abuse guy’s called up Duke Skywalker on speaker phone. Why did they do this? So Duke Skywalker could join in on the fun and lay into this whore from the comfort of his own house.

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Angelina Mylee The Excellent Cock Sucker

This is Angelina Mylee. She gave herself that name because she thinks she looks like a cross between Mylie Cyrus and Angelina Jolie. I’m not exactly sure which mirror she’s been looking at. Who she really looks like is a tranny hooker so she needs to come back down to reality ASAP. To her credit, she is an excellent cock sucker. Currently her and some of her whore friends are crashing at some house in Florida and apparently some of them have shot for Facial Abuse before. I guess their plan to to do a shoot one at a time so that there’s a constant stream of money coming in so they can continue to live in their ‘lavish’ lifestyle. Maybe when the food runs out is when they send the next whore? Hopefully the ones who follow after Angelina do the same as her and come in, do their job and then leave without getting on anyone’s nerves.

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Austin Lynn Becomes Submissive

Austin Lynn is an up and coming porn whore who is making her way around the porn circuit. So far all the shoots she’s done are nothing like Facial Abuse. This whore with big fake tits, empty head, and spray tan hopped at the chance to get on a plane to the dirty Jersey for a face fuck. Why? Well normally she’s a dominant slut who bosses the men around so she decided to become the submissive bitch for a change. In mere seconds of a hard cock shoved down her throat gagging her, the puke started flowing. This chick is a puke machine! The barf spews from her like lava out of a volcano which is nonetheless, awesome! Austin Lynn has a surprisingly tight pussy for a porn whore.

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Zoey Portland Rocks A Face Fucking

Zoey Portland isn’t just another hot slut, she’s an obedient one.  This big titted blonde got to the studio and did exactly what she was supposed to without uttering any protests.  Most whores have to take at least one break,. but not Zoey, oh no, she didn’t take any at all.  The whores that want to be on Facial Abuse should take notice and inspire to be more like her. Zoey has the perfect setup; big tits, a nice body, long legs, and an empty head.  Zoey never tapped out when most sluts would have she’s a trooper.

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Natalie Moore Takes A Licking & Keeps On Ticking

Meet Natalie Moore. This sluts like a Timex watch, she takes a licking and keeps on ticking even when all the stops are pulled out. This chick looks like the girl next door but, looks are so deceiving. She has big natural tits, a nice smooth hairless pussy and one of the prettiest pink assholes you’ve ever seen. Just looking at her gets you horny and this whore has some impressive skills. She can take a long, hard cock all the way down her throat with no effort at all. At times she deep throats not just a cock but, the balls at the same time. Let’s talk about anal…she’s awesome at that too! Bootleg fucked her asshole with not only his hard cock but, with every big dildo that he could find. The infamous ‘drilldo’ was even shoved up her ass and she took it like a champ.

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Gaia – The 3rd Time’s The Charm

Gaia is a triple Facial Abuse whore. That’s right this slut loves it so rough that she keeps coming back for more and more. You know the saying, the third times always a charm? Well it is certainly true with Gaia. This scene is EPIC! There’s everything you ever wanted in this scene, puddles of puke, puke eating, asshole licking, anal and whatever other depraved sex acts you can think of. This big tit Asian is a rare find as she’s totally down for whatever abuse is hurled her way. To top everything off, she isn’t some unheard of whore, she’s a top shelf porn star.

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Ashden Returns For An Emotional Round 2

So because Ashden’s first time wasn’t really emotional, she thought she could handle another round of Facial Abuse. HA HA, silly whore! This time around she cried from the beginning of the shoot until the end. I’d tell you why she was crying, but I think it would be better if you found out for yourself. I will say that she probably opened herself up way more than she wanted to and of course that’s something that the guy’s will take advantage of. Sucks for her but, oh well she’s nothing more than a slut and her feelings don’t count.

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Jocelyn Jade Does Her First Extreme Porn

So Jocelyn Jade is doing her first extreme porn and has chosen to do it for Facial Abuse. She had a spunky little attitude until the first crack of Big Red’s hand. After that she became extremely pliable and did whatever she was told to do. It’s amazing how she became so submissive and obedient. This whore gagged on a hard cock over and over again. As she was slobbering on the hard dicks, her eyes took on the ’empty’ appearance. After the face fucking, her tight anus was stretched out by Bootleg’s and Big Red’s throbbing hard cocks. When it was stretched out to an appropriate size, the guy’s shot their loads of cum all over her face giving her a nice facial.

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Danica Dillon Take 2

Danica Dillon returns to shoot her second Facial Abuse scene. She said her first scene was “miserable” so you know she’s in for more this time around. Danica made the mistake of letting it slip that no one made her barf during her first scene. Needless to say, that was accomplished this time. Oh and she even cried! You can see the tears rolling down her face. It also hurts her feelings if she’s called things like fat so you know it was done over and over. This chicks a good whore though and takes a hard dick up her ass like a pro.

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Hottie Addison Rose Gets A Facial Abuse

Duke Skywalker found this rose right before she withers. Addison Rose is a hot 27 year old who has lots of sex appeal. This blonde hottie has a tan and lean body and best of all, she even has brains. Duke Skywalker found a total package whore. The guys at Facial Abuse really gave this chick a hardcore workout. They shoved hard cocks down her throat making her gag, slapped her pretty little face, pounded her pussy, choked her and finished her off with a nice facial.

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The Troll Bianca Sage

Holy shit Bianca Sage is one hell of an UGLY whore. She reminds me of the troll that lives under the bridge in the book Billy Goats Gruff. Wait no, that’s an insult to the troll. Most ugly whores are at least smart, Bianca is stupid. Her body isn’t too bad, but she could use some more tits. She took a nice face fucking and gagged on the hard cock nicely. If she would take a dick up her ass, she’d probably make more in the porn industry.

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Zena The Worst Present Ever

Zena’s Facial Abuse scene was shot on Bootleg’s birthday…poor him. Could there be a worse present than this whore? All he asked for was to be able to have a good pussy waiting for him at work. Zena is downright homely looking and lacks any skills. Just the thought of having a hard cock shoved down her throat gagging her made her almost tap out while she was filling out the paperwork. All this skank could handle was a little face fucking and then she quit.

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