Natasha Knoles Face Fucked & Gagged On FaceFucking

Natasha Knoles is small whore making her first porn ever with FaceFucking. She says she trains in MMA and is a “big girl” so the guys should let her have all they got. First she was broken down verbally with jabs about her pathetic life. Then Pauly Harker and Jay D came at her and smacked the shit out of her. They didn’t hold back, but it was surprising to see this cunt handle a slap from Pauly’s heavy hand. The guys then teach her the art of gagging, they shoved their cocks in and out of her mouth until she puked. At one point she almost gave up, but quitters never win. Natasha made it through all the face fucking and came out being a better whore ready to take the porn biz by storm.

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Kiki Sweet Gets Down To Business On FaceFucking

Kiki Sweet is a self proclaimed whore and slut who is doing FaceFucking to prove it. She’s even aware that she isn’t worth much and is only good enough to be a set of holes to pleasure a man. Kiki is a whore who knows what to do and wastes no timing doing it. She loves the extreme hardcore so Bootleg and Pauly went extra crazy on her. They even found shit laying around the studio to use to smack her around while they crammed their cocks down her throat and up her cunt at record speeds. She was finished off with two loads of sticky white man goo to the face.

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