Camille Black Is Back For Round 3 On FaceFucking

The guys over at FaceFucking like Camille Black so much that they asked her back for round 3. It probably has something to due with the fact that this chubby nerd always shows up ready to put in work. This time around all of Camille’s holes were open for business. Pauly Harker shoved his hard cock right up her ass and then down her throat for some ass to mouth action. Every time Camille Black does Face Fucking it just keeps getting messier and this round was no exception. This whore is so fucked up that she’ll perform the depraved acts on herself without any prompting. If you’re looking to have your stomach turn, this scenes for you.

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Camille Black Gets A Brutal Punishment On FaceFucking

The chubbier Camille Black is back on FaceFucking. It’s a good thing this filthy whore was built for extreme hardcore. Today Camille was put to the test and had all her limits pushed. She swallowed hard cocks that shredded her throat that gagged her and made her puke. The dicks pumbled her pussy until it was used up. Just when she was sitting in her own vomit and thought everything was over the guys brought out the GX32 modulator and went to town on her hairy pussy. This is an amazing scene.

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Camille Black Enjoys Being Treated Like Trash

Camille Black is a Betty Paige wannabe. This white trash whore has nothing in comparison to that iconic role model except for a similar hairstyle. The fact that Camille is on sucking dick for money is just more proof. Camille is the type of slut that you just want to throw something at within minutes of being in the same room as her. I can see why her ex-boyfriend smashed an XBox One into her face. One thing this hussy has going for her is that she knows the whore business well and is good at it. She was able to gobble cocks down her throat with ease. Anal is also no big deal to her, she’ll take a dick up her asshole without any effort. Frankly, there isn’t much this whore won’t or couldn’t do and she enjoys every minute of it.

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