Rosalyn Winter – The Emotional Crybaby

This whore, Rosalyn Winter has had a rough life and it has left her with some brutal emotional scars. Apparently this chicks biological parents couldn’t raise her so they put her up for adoption. However she was never adopted and grew up in foster care. Ouch huh? Makes for an awesome Facial Abuse scene though. There’s nothing really all that special about Rosalyn, but she’s got 2 great tattoos. On the back of her left leg just under her ass the word PRETTY is tattooed and in the same spot on her right leg, is the word PLEASE. This whore is begging to be used without having to say anything and so she was used. Her mouth was fucked hard, she was gagged, she was slapped so hard her ass looked like one big red welt, her bald pussy was pounded, her face was covered in cum all while she cried.

This chick is so screwed up that she cried almost from the beginning to the end.  Watch this scene HERE.