Young Hooker Demolished On FacialAbuse

This broad is doing FacialAbuse because she needed a change from selling her pussy on the corner. Bootleg and Pauly Harker taught her that it takes more to make porn than bending over in an alley. Her throat was thoroughly demolished by their cocks until it was stretched out. Then they had her face down in her own vomit as they went to town on her used up sloppy cunt.

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Milla Fenix A Deformed Whore Does FaceFucking

This deformed whore is Milla Fenix who learns how to make a real porn on FaceFucking. Here’s a warning, just looking at her may creep you the fuck out. Today Gio and Pauly Harker made sure that every one of her holes were used and abused. Most of the brutality was unleashed upon her throat during the face fuck. For someone who has never taken a cock so deep down the windpipe, she did pretty well and didn’t tap out. When the guy’s destroyed her asshole until it puckered closed, they slammed it even harder. Milla won’t be shooting any glamour porn scenes that’s for sure however, her deformity makes her perfect for the freak show that is Face Fucking.

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Chinalynn A Chubby Asian Abused On FaceFucking

This is Chinalynn and she’s just like every other whore who does FaceFucking. You know the type…horrific sob stories of terrible acts, etc. Who knows why these abused sluts submit themselves to shit especially shooting for Face Fucking that will make them relive the memories. Anyhow Chinalynn’s FF shoot turned into a cluster fuck at the speed of light. Remember as you’re watching and asking yourself “Why is this chubby Asian acting like this?, it’s due to her reliving her horrifying past.

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Paige Madoxx Gets Ass Fucked On FaceFucking

On FaceFucking today is Paige Madoxx, a redheaded fattie. She resembles the chick in Silence of the Lambs who was kidnapped by Buffalo Bill in the beginning of the movie. Anyhow, Bootleg and Pauly destroyed this hog with their cocks. All of her holes were used and abuse by dick even her cunt and asshole were pounded at the same time. Paige gagged whenever a cock was shoved down her throat which made her puke all over them. The slaps were so hard that her pale skin turned rosy red. To end it all, her face was covered in cum and as it dripped down her fat cheeks she had her brain picked on her face fucking experience.

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Vienna June Returns For More FaceFucking

It’s been awhile since Vienna June was last at FaceFucking. Since then she hasn’t really done anything related to porn. Now she’s fallen on some hard times and needs cash so her pussy is up for sale. Last time around she was paired up with Gio, this time she’s pitted against Pauly. He has one thing on his mind…to use this bitch up and make her day a horrible fucked up one. Vienna June is a petite chick that’s able to swallow a dick that’s bigger than half her body. As soon as she was warmed up for the facial abuse her throat was pumped until her stomach puked up its contents into the whore bowl. For good measure it was dumped all over her. Pauly used her cunt and mouth however he pleased to make sure she was aware she’s worthless.

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Mindy Deep 2 – Mindy Goes Deeper

Mindy Deep is back on to prove she can go deeper. Yes this skank didn’t have her throat fucked or face smacked enough the first time around. This time around she also shares more stories from her fucked up past. Last time around she shared that she was in a relationship where the guy beat her which explains the way she reacted to being slapped. The ante was upped for this scene as she was blindfolded and was unaware of when the guys palms would meet her flesh. It’s a joy to watch this dingbat brace herself and flinch when she thought a hand would land on her. Because she’s a good bitch she got to wear the dog collar and was taken for a walk. She was rewarded with a chew toy for her good behavior. Mindy Deep 2 is a messy scene with puke, snot dripping, and more.

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Sky Haven The Old Porn Hag

Sky Haven is older than dirt and has just now decided to do porn. It’s a good thing accepts all types of whores. Sky is exactly the type to be the crazy cat lady and own 100 of them. She also seems to be the type that would have no qualms about hopping in a dumpster to find something to eat or swallowing dicks at the local truck stops to make ends meet. With that being said, this hag does have some great skills and can handle the Face Fucking abuse like a superstar. All of her saggy old holes are open for business and there’s no pleasant way to describe what is done to them. This scene is vile and has the makings for an instant classic. It’s got it all…slaps to the face, big tits slapped around, anal, double penetration, epic amounts of puke, and more!

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Felicity Feline Is A Flexible Whore

Felicity Feline is a hot whore who is completely down with the degrading shit. FaceFucking is perfect for her. Now this slut can take a face fucking, swallowing hard long poles down her throat with ease. She barely has any type of gag reflex and the only reason you can tell she has one is that vomit came out of her. That puke was then rubbed all over her pretty little face. Now the best feature of this skanks is that she’s flexible, she’s pretty much a human Gumby. The guys had a great time bending her in all kinds of positions as they pounded the fuck out of her.

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Camille Black Enjoys Being Treated Like Trash

Camille Black is a Betty Paige wannabe. This white trash whore has nothing in comparison to that iconic role model except for a similar hairstyle. The fact that Camille is on sucking dick for money is just more proof. Camille is the type of slut that you just want to throw something at within minutes of being in the same room as her. I can see why her ex-boyfriend smashed an XBox One into her face. One thing this hussy has going for her is that she knows the whore business well and is good at it. She was able to gobble cocks down her throat with ease. Anal is also no big deal to her, she’ll take a dick up her asshole without any effort. Frankly, there isn’t much this whore won’t or couldn’t do and she enjoys every minute of it.

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Lola Vaughn Face Fucked & Tapped Out

Lola Vaughn is one of the prettier ones to be on Face Fucking. Just looking at her you’d think she’d be able to handle some extreme hardcore fucking, but sadly she can’t. Taking cocks down her throat proved to be too much for this whore to handle so she threw in the towel. It wasn’t a total loss as you can see pure misery in her eyes as the dicks are shoved down her esophagus and with every slap. Before she left the guys unleashed balls of cum over her face which provided for a nice facial. Hopefully in the future this skank realizes she’s only good for one thing and learns how to handle the rough shit.

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