Angelina Mylee The Excellent Cock Sucker

This is Angelina Mylee. She gave herself that name because she thinks she looks like a cross between Mylie Cyrus and Angelina Jolie. I’m not exactly sure which mirror she’s been looking at. Who she really looks like is a tranny hooker so she needs to come back down to reality ASAP. To her credit, she is an excellent cock sucker. Currently her and some of her whore friends are crashing at some house in Florida and apparently some of them have shot for Facial Abuse before. I guess their plan to to do a shoot one at a time so that there’s a constant stream of money coming in so they can continue to live in their ‘lavish’ lifestyle. Maybe when the food runs out is when they send the next whore? Hopefully the ones who follow after Angelina do the same as her and come in, do their job and then leave without getting on anyone’s nerves.

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