Felicity Feline Returns To Porn & FaceFucking

Felicity Feline is back on FaceFucking seeing as she couldn’t hold down a normal 9 to 5. She failed at being a “normal” working person so she’s falling back on her whore ways. Felicity is one of the pretty ones and that makes the face fucking even better as the pretty ones think they’re going to get off easy. This skank is an obedient one who submitted to all the punishment dished out. Bootleg and Harker took turns filling her throat with their dicks until she gagged and puked. Then they pounded her cunt until she screamed. Felicity was left wondering why she wanted to do porn again as she sat there covered in cum and spit.

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Roxy Rain The Vegas Whore Does FaceFucking

Roxy Rain is tall, slender, and built to fuck. She in no way looks like she belongs on FaceFucking. However, she’s from Vegas and you know that means she’s a 24 year old whore. Once the guys learned where she was from they knew the exact type they were about to be dealing with and changed their game plan. It’s these pretty ones that waltz in and think that they’re going to run the show who need to be taught a lesson and have their day completely ruined. Roxy was nothing more than a pig covered with cum and spit by the end of the scene. Bootleg and Pauly thoroughly destroyed and humiliated this hot piece of ass.

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Amor Hilton Is Taught A Life Lesson

Apparently Amor Hilton is a pornstar? Hard to believe when this whore sucks at everything and doesn’t put forth any effort. Anyhow, that’s not how things at FaceFucking.com work so she’s in for a rude awakening. Up until now to get by in life she’s used her good looks and when things don’t work out to her advantage, she blames others. Today she’ll learn that it’s no ones fault, but her own for her life being shitty. Amor is covered in ‘trendy’ tattoos now, but in 15 years they’ll make her look like a used up trailer trash whore. This cunt was put to work as the cocks pushed their way down her throat fucking her esophagus as it stretched to maximum capacity. She hated every minute of it, oh well skank you must earn that dollar. The guys then fucked this whores cunt to the point she could barely walk and could only stumble around. See twat, this is how you make a living.

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Tiffany Wells Does Her First Porn

Tiffany Wells is a hot 18 year old doing her first porn ever for FaceFucking.com. She has awesome big natural tits, a sweet ass, and is pretty hot. If she wanted to, she could go far in the porn world and make a name for herself. That’s not likely to happen now that her every ounce of being was completely destroyed. This whores throat was ruptured by hard dicks while the insults and humiliation broke her which left her in tears. Her smooth bald cunt was devastated from being annihilated by thick rods. After this Face Fucking experience it’s probably safe to say that this now soulless hoe won’t be doing any more porn.

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Felicity Feline Is A Flexible Whore

Felicity Feline is a hot whore who is completely down with the degrading shit. FaceFucking is perfect for her. Now this slut can take a face fucking, swallowing hard long poles down her throat with ease. She barely has any type of gag reflex and the only reason you can tell she has one is that vomit came out of her. That puke was then rubbed all over her pretty little face. Now the best feature of this skanks is that she’s flexible, she’s pretty much a human Gumby. The guys had a great time bending her in all kinds of positions as they pounded the fuck out of her.

Face Fucking Felicity Feline

Lola Vaughn Face Fucked & Tapped Out

Lola Vaughn is one of the prettier ones to be on Face Fucking. Just looking at her you’d think she’d be able to handle some extreme hardcore fucking, but sadly she can’t. Taking cocks down her throat proved to be too much for this whore to handle so she threw in the towel. It wasn’t a total loss as you can see pure misery in her eyes as the dicks are shoved down her esophagus and with every slap. Before she left the guys unleashed balls of cum over her face which provided for a nice facial. Hopefully in the future this skank realizes she’s only good for one thing and learns how to handle the rough shit.

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Fitness Model Kristina Bella Gets Face Fucked

Kristina Bella is an 18 yr old fitness model who has decided to do her first porn for Facial Abuse. With her fit body, nice boobs, a succulent ass, and a fresh bald pussy, she’s a top shelf whore for sure. Another magnificent find for Duke Skywalker. To be honest, this little slut doesn’t look like she could handle what the boys dish out on Facial Abuse however, she proved everyone wrong. Kristina stuck it out no matter what punishment the guys threw her way. This bitch was completely unbreakable. Oh and you have got to see how hot her little ass looks with red hand-prints, it’s amazing.

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Layla Price The LA Whore Gets Face Fucked

Layla Price is a sweet piece of ass. This blonde whore from Los Angeles is making her way up through the porn ranks. Layla’s into the dirty, nasty porn, but she’s never had anything as extreme as Facial Abuse. She also likes sucking dick, anal, eat pussy, and eating assholes. So to set the tone of the shoot, Layla gets a good slap just to remind her as to who runs shit. Then she’s face fucked to the max until her stomach unleashes waves of puke. This didn’t stop the mouth fucking either oh no, that continued until her belly was emptied. Get this…this dirty little slut LOVED every minute of it. Once that mission was complete, it was time for her sweet little anus to be stretched open by a butt plug and then pounded by a huge shaft to make sure it was ripped open nicely. To finish this skank off, her face was covered in a load of cum and then she had the puke from the whore bowl poured over her head. All-in-all this is an awesome extreme hardcore scene you don’t want to miss.

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Tiffany Kohl Enjoys Some Misery

Have you been looking for a Facial Abuse scene with the intensity of a Duke Skywalker one? Well look no further than this scene with Tiffany Kohl because the misery has definitely returned. Now this chick isn’t the typical type that show up on the FA couch, but she does share one common factor with the rest of the whores, she has some huge emotional baggage and issues. And it’s for that reason she’s a great choice for Facial Abuse. Poor Tiffany doesn’t really like having her face fucked so the bitch cried during it. Did she think tears would stop the cocks from being rammed down her throat? Then her pretty little pussy was teared apart by some hard dicks. It was her first time experiencing such a pounding.

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Rose Red Is Turned On By Being Slapped Around

Rose Red is a hot redheaded slut who loves to be slapped around and treated like shit. The more helpless she feels, the more turned on she gets. Seriously this chicks a rare find and a perfect fit for Facial Abuse. Rose Red loves nothing more than to have a cock thrust down her throat gagging her and making her feel helpless. The more rough the guy’s got, the more she would cum. At one point she’s bent over on the floor as her ass is being slapped and she enjoyed it so much, she came. This is not a scene you want to miss!

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