Chastity Mae Gets A Face Full On FaceFucking

21 year old Chastity Mae hopes to make a name for herself on FaceFucking. This whore is from the swamps of Florida where she spins around a pole showing off her dried up tits to old men. Pauly Harker and Jay D turned this whore’s world upside down with cocks and dildos. She gleefully took any and all punishment they dished out.

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Kehlani Kalypso Round 2 On FaceFucking

It may not have been long since Kehlani Kalypso did FaceFucking, but she’s back for round 2. Some bitches are just fun to fuck with and this 18 year old is that type. Bootleg and Pauly Harker went to town on her throat until epic amounts of puke were flowing like lava. This Hawaiian whores ass was untapped until today when the guys explored it with fingers and toys. After giving her pussy a good pounding, they blew their loads on her face and sent her on her way back to the land of volcanoes.

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Kehlani Kalypso Deep Throats On FaceFucking

This time on FaceFucking is 18 year old Kehlani Kalypso. This dumb whore is young and just keeps making the choice to throw her life away. Her life was hard, she turned to stripping, and now porn. Selling your body takes a toll on most skanks, but Kehlani Kalypso is great at it. Within minutes Bootleg and Pauly Harker taught her how to deep throat a cock properly. Then they showed her how a cunt is supposed to be tore up. Then she was left with a cum covered face as the contents of the whore bowl was poured over her head.

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Ava Little Gets A Throatful On FaceFucking

Ava Little is finally doing FaceFucking after being asked multiple times. Apparently she’s now ready to start trying more extreme hardcore porn. In reality, this petite chick just isn’t built for it. The fear in her eyes says everything however, she manned up and rolled with everything Pauly Harker and Jay D dished out her way. They stuffed her tiny throat full of their cocks until she was gagging and puking. They rammed her petite asshole with big dicks until it was gaping.

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Annabel Harvey & Zara Ryan Fucked Up On FaceFucking

Today Zara Ryan returns for round 2 on FaceFucking and she’s brought along her lezbo friend Annabel Harvey. Somehow Zara convinced Annabel to do her first porn for Face Fucking. If you’re thing is mentally fucked whores, these two are for you. Annabel’s mom tried to kill her so she carries around massive baggage. Things got emotional when she was asked about this and the only thing she could do was let out horrific cries of woe. That’s when Zara piled on and used it against her. What does that equal? An extremely emotional hardcore scene with some aggressive rage fucking. The meltdown is epic so don’t miss it.

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Zara Ryan Takes Cocks On FaceFucking

Meet Zara Ryan an Aussie dyke about to take cock on FaceFucking. Bootleg and Pauly Harker tried to make her deep throat, but no matter what they did she couldn’t and her gullet ended up thrashed. That didn’t stop this pussy licker from continuing to offer up her mouth and pussy. They stuffed her cunt full of cock which she hated every moment of. She may have been in discomfort, but unlike American cunts she didn’t give up and kept trying to please. This isn’t a FF scene you are used to however, it still beats LA porn any day.

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Skye Avery Gets Tore Up On FaceFucking

This whore doing FaceFucking is Skye Avery. Don’t let her looks fool you, she may look like she’s in her 20’s, but she’s 33 and fucks like a 70 year old. She didn’t feel like doing much so Pauly Harker and Jay D made everything twice as bad for her. They fucked her throat hard, pounded her cunt, and tore her asshole up. They tried to pump some life into this cunt, but she’s nothing more than a useless dud. Oh well, sometimes reality sucks.

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Ginger Rose Blows Chunks On FaceFucking

Check out this whore Ginger Rose who is about to regret doing FaceFucking. She may have a classy sounding accent, but there’s nothing classy about a chick puking all over herself. As Pauly Harker and Jay D gagged her with their cocks she blew chunks. And chunks they were as it looked like a bunch of half eaten food in the mess. It’s gross as fuck. They pounded her cunt and asshole after they were through with face fucking her. They treated her to some double penetration before they blew their loads all over her pale face.

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Paige Madoxx Gets Ass Fucked On FaceFucking

On FaceFucking today is Paige Madoxx, a redheaded fattie. She resembles the chick in Silence of the Lambs who was kidnapped by Buffalo Bill in the beginning of the movie. Anyhow, Bootleg and Pauly destroyed this hog with their cocks. All of her holes were used and abuse by dick even her cunt and asshole were pounded at the same time. Paige gagged whenever a cock was shoved down her throat which made her puke all over them. The slaps were so hard that her pale skin turned rosy red. To end it all, her face was covered in cum and as it dripped down her fat cheeks she had her brain picked on her face fucking experience.

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Mackenzie Scott Is Treated Like Shit On FaceFucking

Mackenzie Scott showed up to the FaceFucking studio with a sob story and a strong facade just like every other whore. Once she started talking about her childhood pain and suffering, that wall she had built up came tumbling down. Mackenzie was a good obedient slut when it came time to get down to business. Bootleg and Harker wasted no time showing her what face fucking is really about. She had cocks pumped in an out of her mouth gagging her until she threw up. Then she had her cunt annihilated with some extreme fucking. When they were done they covered her in their loads and left her sitting there contemplating her poor life choices.

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