Facial Abuse Lab Leak

This Asian whore must be patient zero, so she was put a mask on during a face fucking on FacialAbuse. She deep throats the cocks that she ended up yakking in the mask. She powered through though, getting throat fucked and swallowed some yellow d like a good whore. She then lays on her back and is nailed hard before taking 3 creamy loads to the face.

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Facial Abuse Double Dicked

This chick can take the angry cocks with no guff. Watch as the guys annihilate her throat and she took all the abuse. She wanted more as she gets fucked in the ass, the guys were just beating TF out of it. Once all the was done getting all her holes destroyed, she sat on the floor and took 3 loads of jizz to the face.

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Facial Abuse Milf Modernity

This whore is a sub of someone else, and allowed us to borrow her. She knew her role and obeyed every command. Her throat was roughed up by hard cocks and she basically lets you do whatever you want. She then bends over to expose her pussy and gets fucked from behind before taking multiple loads to the face.

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Facial Abuse Dunkin Hoe Nuts

Another day, another dunk. It saves on water. As AOC says, we only have 12 years left, 12 years! So we need to conserve water and have the hoes wash their head in it… preferably with another’s hand holding it under, because we like live in a society, or some ish. This girl got fucked and was complaining about the deep dickin. I immediate grabbed my headphones and perked up. I love it when a hoe gets drilled and is on the verge of tears–balls out–no fucks given. She held on and took every painful inch. She drank plenty of fluids that guys had to offer to keep her hydrated. We have to save water, folks. 3 nuts to her face, and she was done. She needed that.

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Facial Abuse Painful Big Dick

Here’s a petite little whore taking on painful big dicks on FacialAbuse. She first got on her knees and got hard cocks fed to her deep down her throat, making a mess on herself with her own slop. Watch as the guys take turns stuffing her throat with their cocks in various positions. After she gets face fucked and slapped around, she gets screwed deep in her pussy and ends up taking 3 loads to the face.

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Facial Abuse Milf Mishaps

A sweet busty milf got her throat fucked hard on FacialAbuse. She was face fucked hard like a good whore and did what she was told. She got emotional and swallowed an impressive amount of yellow d then bends over to expose her pussy and gets fucked doggystyle. Once all her holes were used and abused, she sat on the floor and took 3 loads of jizz to the face.

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Facial Abuse Repressed Memories

An emotional whore gets a rough throat fucking on FacialAbuse. It brought so many memories the way she was treated, but a little pat on the head and some encouraging words will do the trick. She took the big cocks down her throat in various ways, causing her to spew all over. Then got both her holes fucked at the same time in a double penetration before her face gets covered in 3 creamy loads of jizz.

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Facial Abuse Tubby Tried Hard

This girl sells herself short. If she wasn’t a self loather she could be something one day. Despite her size and her self hate she really did try, and you know what? If she could stop crying from a big dick in her ass she would see that she really does do a great job. I’d definitely have her back, because any girl who thinks this is punishment and their just dessert (no pun) that’s my kind of girl. I don’t think she spilled a mouthful of yellow discipline, and if you compare this girl to this weeks skinny ghetto gaggers, you will learn a thing or two about work ethic. I give this fat fuck 5 fat thumbs up. I like her and she’s A ok in my book. I just hope she stopped crying from the painal.

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Facial Abuse Pusti

This girl screams like a sperg when you shut off its game. She shrieks, rocks back and forth, and eventually tells lies, but what can you expect from a lamb chop. When she is moaning whilst getting plowed it’s like I’m watching Yanni in a gay music video–happy of course. Her dad, “Zorba” was at home wondering where his little olive was, while she was taking two dicks in her pussy at the same time. They put some olive oil on it to remove the friction. When she goes back to flipp’n burgers at her daddy’s diner, she can always look upon him with the same pride as Heraclitus looked upon his idea of ontology. Bye Phoenicia.

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Facial Abuse Damsel In Distress

Pipsqueak makes fun on her boyfriend while getting pounded by another dick on FacialAbuse. Her petite body takes in all the abuse that was given to her. Aggressive face fucking caused her to spew all over and her face got dunked in a bucket of water as the guys take turns stuffing her throat with their cocks. After getting face fucked, she spreads her legs and is screwed deep in her pussy before taking a huge degrading load all over her face.

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