April Dawn Round 3 On FaceFucking

April Dawn is back for round 3 on FaceFucking because she loves the punishment. This time around this teen whore offered up her ass and Bootleg and Sam made sure she regretted that choice. They drilled her anus like it was an oil rig off the Pacific. They also made sure that her mouth and pussy were bored just as bad before they dumped their loads on her face.

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April Dawn Gets Another Brutal Face Fuck On FaceFucking

It wasn’t long ago that April Dawn had her first round of FaceFucking and she’s back for more. Today Bootleg and Pauly Harker went all old school hazing on this college drop out. They had her swallowing each cock back and forth so fast it looked like throat polo. When she was told to take a cock in a hole, that’s what she did like a good whore. The guys even made sure she knew that she had to make sure all her bodily fluids were cleaned up even if it meant eating puke.

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April Dawn Has The Smile Slapped Off Her Face On FaceFucking

On FaceFucking today is April Dawn. This 19 year old with big tits is making her start in porn. Just like a typical whore she walked in all smiles until everything started. Right off the bat Bootleg and Pauly Harker brought the pain wiping the smile from her face and replacing it with the look of horror. They both took turns cramming their rods down her throat until the vomit erupted. Her shaved cunt was filled by dicks that pounded it into shreds. Once she was used and abused into a pile of slop, they unleashed their sticky goo onto her face. April Dawn made a huge mistake when she let a skeleton out of her closet. You’ll have to watch to see what she let slip.

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