Orion Starr Impresses On FaceFucking

Check out this punk rock slut Orion Starr who’s excited to be on FaceFucking. This blue haired freakshow is a petite 22 year old stripper with barely any tits, a nice butt, and a shaven cunt. This skank wasn’t too bad as she showed up ready to put in some work. Before she got to the FF studio she blew up her social media accounts with her excitement. No doubt she wants to have Duke Skywalker make her famous like Belle Knox. The bubble she was living popped as soon as Pauly Harker’s palm landed across her face. Before she could even mutter a word, there were hard cocks shoved into her mouth. She showed up with the goal of making an impressive scene and that’s what she did. It has it all.

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Nikki Chase The Professional Whore

After years of off and on shooting for unknown porn companies, Nikki Chase finally has the chance to shoot for a company that could make her a star, FaceFucking.com. You know Duke Skywalker can make stars, just look at that feminist cunt from Duke University, Belle Knox. You know she only got that attention because she did FaceFucking.com. So let’s get back to Nikki, who happens to take being a piece of trash whore professionally. This cunt showed up and did an excellent job and didn’t whine like a baby like most of the others. She had cocks thrust down her throat and didn’t complain once about the face fucking. Her pussy was tore up by the same dicks and even though she prefers it up her ass, she didn’t bitch about it. Then the guys went to town on her tight asshole splitting it open nicely. Oh did I mention there’s also double penetration? Well there is.

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Duke Student Missy Aka Belle Knox Does Facial Abuse

I’m sure by now you’ve heard of all the hype surrounding Missy aka Belle Knox the feminist Duke student. That’s right, this whore that’s going to college for Women Studies did her first ever porn scene for Facial Abuse. I don’t think Duke Skywalker imagined the popularity of this whore when he booked her, but thank fuck he did. You wouldn’t know it by looking at her, but she enjoys watching Facial Abuse videos and they even turn her on. “The misery in the girl’s eyes” is what makes this chick get extremely turned on. Missy is one of those ‘closet freaks’ who’s down for anything during fucking. Guess what Missy aka Belle Knox got to do? She finally got to live out her fantasy on camera for everyone to enjoy. Watching her gag on a dick is spectacular. Even better is watching as her ‘innocence’ is snatched away from her with every gag, slap, and pounding.

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