Tegan Tries To Handle The Facial Abuse

What can I say about Tegan? Look at her, she’s a 90 pound train wreck. Nothing about this whore screams hot, instead it screams freak. Apparently she went through some fucked up shit in the past and that’s why she’s now a cutter. This is what makes Facial Abuse a good fit for her. However she doesn’t have very good cock sucking abilities and she’s had lots of practice. The guys kept trying to shove their dicks down her throat, but her tiny jaw wasn’t having any of it. So after many failed attempts, the cocks then put her hairless pussy to good use. The sex turned weird though when she started to suck her thumb while getting fucked. Like I said, this chick has problems.

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Fucked Up Jane Dillinger

Jane Dillinger is so emotionally damaged, she’s a complete train wreck. Duke Skywalker sure knows how to find the fucked up whores. I’d like to know what his secret is for finding them because she’s absolutely perfect for Facial Abuse. You know she’s messed in the head seeing as she thinks she deserves to be treated like shit and she loves it. To start things off, this whore had her face fucked to the point of destruction. Then the guy’s went balls deep in her ass and gave it a good pounding. Oh and let’s not forget about this broads pussy getting wrecked by dicks. And of course the scene ends with loads of cum covering her face giving her a lovely facial.

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Ophelia Rain The Emo Without Skills

Meet Ophelia Rain, an Emo chick with big tits who is a cutter that is not only covered in scars but, horrid tattoos. This whore looks somewhat decent depending on the angle you look at her. Her best feature is her big tits that were treated to a titty fuck. Ophelia has no face fucking skills at all and I’m not sure as to why she signed up for Facial Abuse when she lacks those skills. Over and over again, a hard dick was shoved in her mouth and the best she could do was to take it halfway down her throat. Pitiful! However, this made for some lovely puking seeing as she gagged so easily. Ophelia has a secret…a great pussy. You’d never guess by looking at her, she has a tight box that brings so much pleasure. She looks great swallowing the jizm as it’s spoon fed to her.

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Cat Morris The Train Wreck

Cat Morris is the epitome of a train wreck. I’m pretty sure that in the dictionary next to the word disaster you can find her picture. I’m not even sure where to start with all her issues. Mental issues? Yep, she’s got those. A deadbeat of a dad? She’s got one. A mother who took her own life? She has, well had, one of those. If those major issues weren’t enough, she’s also a cutter. Cat Morris at 20 years old has lived a life so horrible than most experience by the time they’re that age. Is it really a surprise that she ended up on the Facial Abuse couch? Yeah, I didn’t think so either. However she is one hell of a dedicated slut that when she made the decision to become a whore, she made a promise to herself…to be the best whore ever. How does she achieve this? By opening all her holes. Yes, her mouth, pussy and asshole are all open for business and put to good use. That’s right, this whore took a hard cock not only down her throat but also up her ass and in her pussy.

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