Whore Danica Dillon Gets Face Fucked For The 3rd Time

This is Danica Dillon’s third (Yes that says 3rd) Facial Abuse shoot. This chick has to have some messed up brain waves to keep coming back. It’s as if she lurks in the shadows of the studio waiting for some slut to cancel so she can take the whores place. It’s a good thing she’s a pretty whore. I know you might be sick of looking at her anyhow, but have no fear, this scene is worth it. For this shoot, Danica Dillon turned into one crying, sobbing mess. She cried while having her face fucked, cried while there was a hard cock up her ass and even cried as her face was covered in cum! Oh and the fun didn’t end after the facial, oh no, that’s when the Facial Abuse guy’s called up Duke Skywalker on speaker phone. Why did they do this? So Duke Skywalker could join in on the fun and lay into this whore from the comfort of his own house.

Watch this scene for yourself and see why this chick probably won’t be back for awhile.