Ruby Octroi Makes Her Porn Debut

Can someone please let Ruby Octroi know that the 80’s are long gone. Take a look at her ridiculous haircut that looks like it was done with a weed whacker…horrible. This feisty whore is actually a cool chick even if she has a weird look and name. She has chosen Facial Abuse to make her debut into the wonderful world of porn. You can tell by her deep throating to the balls skill that she’s had plenty of practice. It takes little effort for her to have a shaft thrust to the back of her throat. Want to know what else this broad enjoys? Anal! That’s right, she loves to bend over and spread her ass cheeks so a dick can pound away at her asshole. After the ass pounding, she received a treat; a load all over her face and being spoon fed cum that she slurped right up.

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