May West The Chubbster Does FaceFucking

This May West FaceFucking scene almost didn’t happen. That’s right, there was no one to shoot it and Duke Skywalker got a call at the last minute as he was just getting out of bed. Anyhow he quickly freshened up and headed on out the door. When he got there the huge titted chubster was sitting there reading a book. He had her pop one of her boobs out to feel the weight of it because he was awestruck by their size. Once the titty was felt up, Bootleg and Pauly went to work on her throat. They pumbled her gullet with their cocks with contempt and she took it all as if it was kielbasa. Out of nowhere, the GX 32 Modulator suddenly had a huge dildo on it and was going to work on her fat pussy. That was the warm up for the double penetration. The guys thrust their cocks in and out of her making the DP look like it was on speed. May just laid there taking all of the punishment and enjoying it. When her cunt and asshole were finally destroyed, they hit her with cumshots right between her eyes at the same time.

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Nikki Chase The Professional Whore

After years of off and on shooting for unknown porn companies, Nikki Chase finally has the chance to shoot for a company that could make her a star, You know Duke Skywalker can make stars, just look at that feminist cunt from Duke University, Belle Knox. You know she only got that attention because she did So let’s get back to Nikki, who happens to take being a piece of trash whore professionally. This cunt showed up and did an excellent job and didn’t whine like a baby like most of the others. She had cocks thrust down her throat and didn’t complain once about the face fucking. Her pussy was tore up by the same dicks and even though she prefers it up her ass, she didn’t bitch about it. Then the guys went to town on her tight asshole splitting it open nicely. Oh did I mention there’s also double penetration? Well there is.

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Fitness Model Kristina Bella Gets Face Fucked

Kristina Bella is an 18 yr old fitness model who has decided to do her first porn for Facial Abuse. With her fit body, nice boobs, a succulent ass, and a fresh bald pussy, she’s a top shelf whore for sure. Another magnificent find for Duke Skywalker. To be honest, this little slut doesn’t look like she could handle what the boys dish out on Facial Abuse however, she proved everyone wrong. Kristina stuck it out no matter what punishment the guys threw her way. This bitch was completely unbreakable. Oh and you have got to see how hot her little ass looks with red hand-prints, it’s amazing.

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Cali Rider Thinks She Isn’t A Whore

Cali Rider is just like the rest of the whores and thinks she’s the smartest thing on this planet. It’s quite clear that this chubby slut has no more brains than a rock otherwise her fat ass wouldn’t be sitting on the Facial Abuse couch. This little skank doesn’t think that just because she takes money for getting fucked that she’s a whore. Cali has a great man at home who loves her and has no idea that she’ll be used and abused by Duke Skywalker, Big Red, and Bootleg. As far as he knows, she quit doing porn and she’s so dumb that she thinks he’ll never find out about her lies. This scene starts out with Cali having her throat pounded until she could no longer hold back her puke and it spewed forth. The good thing about chubby chicks is that their stomachs can hold in awesome amounts of barf. Once she was done being face fucked, the guy’s blew their loads all over her face. I don’t think she liked the facial much seeing as she wasn’t quite sure what to do about the jizz being in her eyes and mouth.

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Misty Lee Asks For The Abuse

The only word that comes to mind to describe Misty Lee’s Facial Abuse scene is…WOW! This is one 19 year old that can blow your mind she’s so fucked up. Looking at this tall, blonde, pretty girl messes with your head because you’d never be able to guess this wholesome looking girl could be into the downright nasty and rough shit. Like the majority of all sluts, this one is also going to sell her body for money to pay for her schooling and bills. This scene is so awesome that it should be used as a training tool for the whores who want to do Facial Abuse. Duke Skywalker hit the jackpot with this slut. Her life stories are in a category of their own seeing as ‘fucked up’ doesn’t begin to describe them. Now let’s talk about what this skank did. First off, she is a deep throat pro and can take a cock all the way down to the balls without even flinching. Even when face fucked to the point of puking, she enjoys it. She even drank her own barf right out of the whore bowl like it was water. But what made this scene all the more amazing was that she asked to be slapped and abused. You really don’t want to miss Misty Lee on Facial Abuse.

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Molly Smash – The Ultimate Facial Abuse Scene

This is Molly Smash and it’s a name that you’re going to want to remember. Facial Abuse is her first stop after not even being 18 for a week. First off, her main goal was to make sure her scene was legendary. This in itself is great as this is never a concern the other cunts have. Oh and she did in fact meet her goal. Man, you need to watch this scene as soon as possible because the word ‘gross’ does nothing to describe it. Molly Smash was down for anything and I mean ANYTHING. This scene has it all; puking, eating barf, rolling around in vomit, snot eating, pussy pounding and more! For all the Facial Abuse fans out there, this will easily become one of your most favorite scenes. I’m not sure where Duke Skywalker found this gem, but I hope there’s more.

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Tiffany Kohl Enjoys Some Misery

Have you been looking for a Facial Abuse scene with the intensity of a Duke Skywalker one? Well look no further than this scene with Tiffany Kohl because the misery has definitely returned. Now this chick isn’t the typical type that show up on the FA couch, but she does share one common factor with the rest of the whores, she has some huge emotional baggage and issues. And it’s for that reason she’s a great choice for Facial Abuse. Poor Tiffany doesn’t really like having her face fucked so the bitch cried during it. Did she think tears would stop the cocks from being rammed down her throat? Then her pretty little pussy was teared apart by some hard dicks. It was her first time experiencing such a pounding.

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Riley The Sleezebag Is Back

Duke Skywalker listened to Facial Abuse fans and he brought Riley the Sleezebag from New York back. What a great choice Mr. Skywalker. This time around it’s definitely more rough and she was put to the test. But that’s ok because this whore enjoys it and it turns her on. Like a good little skank, she took a hard cock down her throat, gagging her as her hair was pulled. While she’s being choked and slapped around you can see the enjoyment she’s having in her eyes. She’s then bent over and has her ass smacked to the point where it turns a lovely shade of red. Then as she’s on all fours, her pussy gets a massive drilling from behind all while her ass is continuing to be slapped.

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Duke Student Missy Aka Belle Knox Does Facial Abuse

I’m sure by now you’ve heard of all the hype surrounding Missy aka Belle Knox the feminist Duke student. That’s right, this whore that’s going to college for Women Studies did her first ever porn scene for Facial Abuse. I don’t think Duke Skywalker imagined the popularity of this whore when he booked her, but thank fuck he did. You wouldn’t know it by looking at her, but she enjoys watching Facial Abuse videos and they even turn her on. “The misery in the girl’s eyes” is what makes this chick get extremely turned on. Missy is one of those ‘closet freaks’ who’s down for anything during fucking. Guess what Missy aka Belle Knox got to do? She finally got to live out her fantasy on camera for everyone to enjoy. Watching her gag on a dick is spectacular. Even better is watching as her ‘innocence’ is snatched away from her with every gag, slap, and pounding.

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Fucked Up Jane Dillinger

Jane Dillinger is so emotionally damaged, she’s a complete train wreck. Duke Skywalker sure knows how to find the fucked up whores. I’d like to know what his secret is for finding them because she’s absolutely perfect for Facial Abuse. You know she’s messed in the head seeing as she thinks she deserves to be treated like shit and she loves it. To start things off, this whore had her face fucked to the point of destruction. Then the guy’s went balls deep in her ass and gave it a good pounding. Oh and let’s not forget about this broads pussy getting wrecked by dicks. And of course the scene ends with loads of cum covering her face giving her a lovely facial.

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