Zara Ryan Takes Cocks On FaceFucking

Meet Zara Ryan an Aussie dyke about to take cock on FaceFucking. Bootleg and Pauly Harker tried to make her deep throat, but no matter what they did she couldn’t and her gullet ended up thrashed. That didn’t stop this pussy licker from continuing to offer up her mouth and pussy. They stuffed her cunt full of cock which she hated every moment of. She may have been in discomfort, but unlike American cunts she didn’t give up and kept trying to please. This isn’t a FF scene you are used to however, it still beats LA porn any day.

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Scarlet Stone Regrets FaceFucking

Today on FaceFucking is Scarlet Stone. She’s a man hating feminist dyke about to have her world rocked by two men. Pauly Harker and Jay D went hard on this forgettable cunt who has some deep rooted mental issues with sex. They slapped and face fucked this whore until you could see the regrets pouring from within her. This is one of those videos that need to be seen by all feminists and those who think porn is fun as it shows how an already lost soul is destroyed even more.

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Venus Rose Does FaceFucking For Her Dyke Girlfriend

Today on FaceFucking is Venus Rose who has been looking to break in to the porn scene for a while now. Seems she’s had some real bad luck when it comes to the “agents” she’s hired. The first one told her that she was too fat and refused to work with her. The second “agent” literally fucked her in the ass for an “audition”. So here she sits on the facial abuse couch ready to film a brutal hardcore scene so she can make some money to pay for her dyke girlfriends laser eye surgery to correct her color blindness. Maybe it makes her feel like she’s some type of better person, but who cares. Anyhow she does deserve some kudos for a good performance. Venus embraced the fact that she’s a worthless piece of shit whore. She can swallow a cock great, have her pussy pounded like a porn star, and is willing to spread her ass cheeks and take one up her poop shoot.

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