Lily Krystal The Damaged Goth Does FaceFucking

Lily Krystal has had nothing good happen in her life and now on FaceFucking it’s all about to get worse. This introverted emo goth has had one hell of a rough life that has left her as a soft spoken skank who can’t make eye contact. Trust me, the damage is epic. That damage is only going to increase now that she’s on FF. Anyhow, once learning of her past Bootleg and Gio took it and ran. They broke her real well. How? By showing this pale submissive chick that the only thing she’s good for is a mans pleasure. Cocks were stuffed down her throat until the vomit came up. Her cunt was filled to the brim with thick dick that left it used it. To really drive everything home, she was slapped until her snow white skin glowed red. By the time the jizz was covering her face, her self esteem was at the lowest ever.

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Tegan Tries To Handle The Facial Abuse

What can I say about Tegan? Look at her, she’s a 90 pound train wreck. Nothing about this whore screams hot, instead it screams freak. Apparently she went through some fucked up shit in the past and that’s why she’s now a cutter. This is what makes Facial Abuse a good fit for her. However she doesn’t have very good cock sucking abilities and she’s had lots of practice. The guys kept trying to shove their dicks down her throat, but her tiny jaw wasn’t having any of it. So after many failed attempts, the cocks then put her hairless pussy to good use. The sex turned weird though when she started to suck her thumb while getting fucked. Like I said, this chick has problems.

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Ophelia Rain The Emo Without Skills

Meet Ophelia Rain, an Emo chick with big tits who is a cutter that is not only covered in scars but, horrid tattoos. This whore looks somewhat decent depending on the angle you look at her. Her best feature is her big tits that were treated to a titty fuck. Ophelia has no face fucking skills at all and I’m not sure as to why she signed up for Facial Abuse when she lacks those skills. Over and over again, a hard dick was shoved in her mouth and the best she could do was to take it halfway down her throat. Pitiful! However, this made for some lovely puking seeing as she gagged so easily. Ophelia has a secret…a great pussy. You’d never guess by looking at her, she has a tight box that brings so much pleasure. She looks great swallowing the jizm as it’s spoon fed to her.

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Metal Kitty Needs The Paycheck Bad

Metal Kitty is a sexy whore with a good-for-nothing husband who is useless at providing. Thanks to his sorry ass, this chick is not only living below the poverty line, but she’s also down on her luck. In order to make some dough, she’s whoring herself out not only to Facial Abuse, but to anyone willing to pay her for fucking. Want to know just how desperate she it? Well, she hates to be spit on, she isn’t a fan of anal, and just the thought of puking makes her stomach turn, basically everything she has to do for Facial Abuse. Oh and you know that the guys definitely took everything to the extreme after learning her dislikes. Every minute of the throat gagging, face fucking, puking and anal she hated which makes this scene even sweeter.

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