Annabel Harvey & Zara Ryan Fucked Up On FaceFucking

Today Zara Ryan returns for round 2 on FaceFucking and she’s brought along her lezbo friend Annabel Harvey. Somehow Zara convinced Annabel to do her first porn for Face Fucking. If you’re thing is mentally fucked whores, these two are for you. Annabel’s mom tried to kill her so she carries around massive baggage. Things got emotional when she was asked about this and the only thing she could do was let out horrific cries of woe. That’s when Zara piled on and used it against her. What does that equal? An extremely emotional hardcore scene with some aggressive rage fucking. The meltdown is epic so don’t miss it.

Watch Annabel Harvey & Zara Ryan In An Aggressive Rage Filled Scene On

Cierra Jade Came & Saw & Sucked Ass

Cierra Jade is just another big moronic whore who thinks she can handle FaceFucking and porn. Oh man this slut is so stupid and wrong seeing as she can’t even throat a cock without crying. Sure having a dick jammed down your gullet will bring out some emotions, but seriously bitch it was your own damn choice, put on your big girl panties and shut up. Hopefully all the slaps, face fucking, and cunt pounding made this broad think about how this shit isn’t for her and she sucks ass at being a whore, one of the easiest things to be. By the time the load was spewed onto her face, she was probably thinking about becoming a lesbian. Fingers crossed she goes that route as no one on this side wants her.

Watch As Cierra Jade Regrets Her Choice To Do

Brittany Shae Unleashes Her Inner Demons

Brittany Shae is an attractive, new to porn girl who has a ton of emotional issues. Her FaceFucking scene is akin to watching a train wreck. Brittany’s good friend is Gia Paige who has done 2 scenes for FF and she raved about it so much that Brittany thought she could handle it. Needless to say she couldn’t and cracked, letting all her emotions seep out instantaneously. Every second she had her throat full of cock and getting slaps to the face, she struggled to keep her issues on the inside. Even when it came time for the sex, she couldn’t hold her emotions in check. It may be a short scene, but watching this girl spew forth her inner demons and losing it mentally makes it awesome.

Watch As Brittany Shae Tries To Handle Face Fucking Like Gia Paige