Devon O’Rielly Returns For Another Face Fucking

Devon O’Rielly enjoyed her first Facial Abuse shoot so much that she had to return for a second. Devon says she even practised being face fucked in her spare time. So just how well did she take her second face fuck? The truth is she had to take a lot of breaks, but she still gagged on a cock. She’s pretty loopy and is probably missing a few marbles, but she’s cool. Plus she’s lost weight since her last shoot and now looks somewhat hot.

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Angelina Mylee The Excellent Cock Sucker

This is Angelina Mylee. She gave herself that name because she thinks she looks like a cross between Mylie Cyrus and Angelina Jolie. I’m not exactly sure which mirror she’s been looking at. Who she really looks like is a tranny hooker so she needs to come back down to reality ASAP. To her credit, she is an excellent cock sucker. Currently her and some of her whore friends are crashing at some house in Florida and apparently some of them have shot for Facial Abuse before. I guess their plan to to do a shoot one at a time so that there’s a constant stream of money coming in so they can continue to live in their ‘lavish’ lifestyle. Maybe when the food runs out is when they send the next whore? Hopefully the ones who follow after Angelina do the same as her and come in, do their job and then leave without getting on anyone’s nerves.

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Gia Love & Oxuanna Envy Hardcore Threesome

Gia Love enjoyed her first face fucking experience so much that she had to bring a friend along for a scene. Two whores at once, what a special treat for Bootleg! As you know, Gia Love is nothing special to look at or talk to. Her friend Oxuanna Envy is a hot 20 year old Lithuanian. She’s not as dumb as Gia but, pretty close to it. They met at a porno shoot however, their first girl-on-girl action is for Facial Abuse…a special treat for you!

Bootleg wastes no time shoving his cock in Oxuanna’s mouth while he has Gia spit in her face. These whores were laughing about it but, they weren’t laughing for long. In no time the puke was flowing and filling up the whore bowl. By this point, neither of the girls look like they’re enjoying the face fucking and you can see the regret in their eyes. Little did they know, they were in for even more facial abuse. The puking on each other begins and you can see just how miserable they feel. Oh it’s such a joy to watch as someone gets degraded but, extra special when it’s a 2 for 1 deal. While Bootleg’s fucking the shit out of Oxuanna and slapping her around, she has her face buried in Gia’s pussy. He then switches and pounds Gia’s box. Oxuanna then mounts Bootleg’s cock to ride him hardcore while Gia is slapping her the whore marker and choking her. Then it’s Gia’s turn for the same treatment.

There’s just something about seeing 2 chicks abuse and humiliate each other that makes you horny and want to slap them yourself.

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