Betty Blaze XXX The Old Broad Does FaceFucking

Check out this old broad Betty Blaze XXX who is doing FaceFucking today. It’s as if someone lost a bet in the booking department and they had to book her as there’s no other reason why she’d be on FF. Betty has a dream to do all types of porn, but once Pauly Harker landed a hand on her jaw, reality set in. That’s when things really became apparent and she became miserable. The only good thing about this old whore is that she knows she is nothing more than a whore and a set of holes to be used by men for their pleasure. Pauly Harker and Jay D used all of those holes until they blew their loads on her wrinkled face.

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Lil Red Riding Whore

This is Lil Red and she’s decided that for her first porn ever she’s going to go all out and shoot for Face Fucking. She’s paler than Casper, has the body of the Pillsbury Dough Boy, and the looks of a Troll Doll. The most fucked up thing about this chick is that her dad fully supports her move into the porn world. How messed up is this guy? What father in their right mind approves of his little ‘princess’ being face fucked, having her cunt pounded, and treated like shit on video for money? Anyhow, back to this slut. Lil Red really only has two things going for her, 1- She’s got big tits and 2- She can deep throat a cock all the way to the balls. Having a dick shoved passed her tonsils comes easy for this broad, pretty sure this wasn’t her first time doing that. However, if she wants stardom she’ll need to hit the gym and a tanning booth.

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Adison Asher The Fat Face Fuck

Meet Adison Asher, a chubby chick with a great personality. If Face Fucking or the porn world cared about personalities instead of being shallow and basing success on looks, Adison would go far. The truth is this fat fuck doesn’t have much going for her. She’s got a set of floppy pancake tits, she’s shaped like an egg, and is a real dumpster who is the type that will do anything just to hang out with attractive people. Today she showed us what she’s really good at, shoving things down her throat. Yes this obese whore is excellent at taking hard dick down her gullet and rocked the face fucking. She was then bent over so the cocks could go to work on stretching out her asshole. All-in-all even though she’s huge, she did a good job.

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