Jade Rose Excels At Being Face Fucked

FaceFucking.com doesn’t discriminate against whores and to prove that, here’s Jade Rose. She tips the scales at 215 pounds, has a body shape akin to a pile of mashed potatoes, and is an overall eyesore. Jade does have a great personality, but that won’t take you far in porn. However what will is having such low self esteem that you’ll do anything for a mans attention. All it took to get her on the Face Fucking couch was the promise of candy and she really likes candy because she did one hell of a job. Her scene is fucking awesome! This chick can take a face fucking like it’s nothing. That’s probably due to her always shoving food down her throat. Hey, whatever works right. It’s always the fatties that are willing to do the things that will burn images into your head that will haunt you forever.

See Jade Rose Nail Her FaceFucking.com Scene