Gia Paige Returns For Another Face Fucking

Gia Paige is back for her second round of abuse on Like always the second round always ups the ante and this scene does just that. First this whore was tied up so all her holes could be filled without any interference. For good measure an anal hook was inserted into her asshole and she was shackled. Once completely exposed and helpless, she was fucked hard from all angles. Then the shackles came off and she was fitted with a dog collar that had a 25 pound dumbbell attached to it to ensure that the bitch stayed face down with her ass up. When she was thoroughly used and abuse a speculum was used to stretch that pretty little asshole of hers nice and wide. As soon as it was gaping nicely, an egg was cracked into her colon. While Harker and Gio shot their loads all over her face, she scrambled the egg inside her. As soon as the cum was dripping from her face, she spread her asshole open and plopped the egg out into the whore bowl. Now that’s some talent.

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Gia Paige Humiliated & Crying

Check out Gia Paige, she has no porn experience at all, but has done some nude modelling. Exactly how does one go from doing simple nudes to being degraded on Face Fucking? Actually, it really doesn’t even matter, she made her choice. This slut was slapped around like a worthless skank, spat on, and was extremely degraded. Things got emotional and there was some crying, but that makes shit all the better. When things got even more extreme, Gia sucked it up and didn’t throw in the towel. She was humiliated to the point that her soul was lost. This is a truly awesome scene.

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