Anneliese The Undercover Pig Does FaceFucking

Anneliese walked onto the FaceFucking set and immediately looked to be out of her league. At first glace this petite whore looks as though she’s going to run away in the opposite direction. To everyone’s surprise Anneliese embraced the abuse and the cock. This pig was hiding her ability to swallow a dick balls deep without gagging. Pauly unleashed slap after slap on this broad and she didn’t even flinch. She’s also awesome at anal and can take the full length of a shaft all the way up her ass.

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Elizabeth Thorn Is Built For FaceFucking

Most of the whores who show up for FaceFucking aren’t built to handle it. Elizabeth Thorn on the other hand is made for it. She loves to completely let go and allow strange men to use her holes for their pleasure while they treat her like shit. It doesn’t take a professional to know that her daddy not being around most of her life is what has turned her into the whore she is today. No doubt it’s also the reason for her being a mental disaster. This scene is amazing. Elizabeth was handcuffed while she had her face fucked, her cunt destroyed, and her ass blown out.

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