Venus Rose Does FaceFucking For Her Dyke Girlfriend

Today on FaceFucking is Venus Rose who has been looking to break in to the porn scene for a while now. Seems she’s had some real bad luck when it comes to the “agents” she’s hired. The first one told her that she was too fat and refused to work with her. The second “agent” literally fucked her in the ass for an “audition”. So here she sits on the facial abuse couch ready to film a brutal hardcore scene so she can make some money to pay for her dyke girlfriends laser eye surgery to correct her color blindness. Maybe it makes her feel like she’s some type of better person, but who cares. Anyhow she does deserve some kudos for a good performance. Venus embraced the fact that she’s a worthless piece of shit whore. She can swallow a cock great, have her pussy pounded like a porn star, and is willing to spread her ass cheeks and take one up her poop shoot.

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Amelia Dire Does Round 2 Of FaceFucking

This is Amelia Dire and her FaceFucking scene today is incredible. No shit, this has got to be one of the top 3 scenes of all time. Amelia Dire has no limits which has paved the way for her to be Face Fucking Royalty. The face fucking is brutal, the cunt pounding is hardcore, the anal destroys her asshole, and that’s just the beginning. Amelia was even down with fisting her own anus, she shove her arm right up her poop shoot. Things got creative with some gummy worms too. Not going to say how though as you need to see for yourself. DO NOT MISS THIS SCENE!

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Amelia Dire Annihilated On

Amelia Dire has no dignity, probably never has and that’s what makes her perfect for Past emotional traumas have left her without a soul and only demons rattling around inside. Have you ever tossed a coin down a well and waited to hear it hit the water, but it seems endless and makes no sound? Well, that’s exactly like Amelia Dire’s throat. No shit, this whore deep throated hard cocks like they were going out of style. She took dicks up her cunt and ass like it was nothing at all. It didn’t matter how hardcore and brutal the fucking was, she just took it. Even when the annihilation was taken to whole new heights, she didn’t bat an eyelash. This shit’s legendary!

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Amy Aimless Is Into Face Fucking

Amy Aimless is a haggard looking 27 year old who looks like drugs and booze took a toll on, but that’s not the case it’s just bad genes. The good thing is that this whore showed up to Face Fucking ready to work and got straight to business right away. Most of the girls who show up and say they’re into rough shit are complete liars, Amy is not one of those. This chick is actually really into the extreme hardcore fucking. The guys really stepped it up for this shoot. The slaps were harder and the cocks were thrust into her throat further. She’s also in anal and had her asshole destroyed. Today Amy was taught a new trick, how to gape her asshole and gape it did. Oh and she had her cunt pounded and asshole tore up at the same time for some lovely double penetration.

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Erika Devine Can’t Handle The Hardcore

Meet Erika Devine, the dumb whore who continues to make all the wrong desicions in her pathetic life. Now she can add to that list. She has quite the past, from religious nuts for parents to being caught up in a credit card scam. No matter what way you look at this slut, she’s got scum written all over. Her bad decision today is landing on the Face Fucking couch to endure some of the most hardcore treatment she’ll ever get. This skank weighs in at about 100 pounds, but that didn’t stop the guys from shoving their dicks down her throat at warp speed. It doesn’t take this chick long to have an emotional breakdown, the kind that makes a scene golden. The breakdown didn’t hinder the guys abilities to stretch out her cunt with their cocks.

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Lyla Kennedy Enjoys Hardcore Shit

You know that saying, “Looks can be deceiving?” Well this statement totally applies to Lyla Kennedy. On the outside she looks like a nerdy airheaded chick and on the inside she’s actually a fan of the hardcore shit. Lyla also enjoys watching Facial Abuse too. Who would have guessed huh? So now she gets to experience Facial Abuse on the other side of the screen. As it turns out, it’s not as easy as it looks. The whole process of being throat fucked made her gasp for air. To show how much she enjoys sick and twisted shit, as her bald pussy was being destroyed, she cums about 4 times. I love these closet freaks.

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