Zara Ryan Takes Cocks On FaceFucking

Meet Zara Ryan an Aussie dyke about to take cock on FaceFucking. Bootleg and Pauly Harker tried to make her deep throat, but no matter what they did she couldn’t and her gullet ended up thrashed. That didn’t stop this pussy licker from continuing to offer up her mouth and pussy. They stuffed her cunt full of cock which she hated every moment of. She may have been in discomfort, but unlike American cunts she didn’t give up and kept trying to please. This isn’t a FF scene you are used to however, it still beats LA porn any day.

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Deliah Dukes Gets Some Slaps & Spit On FaceFucking

FaceFucking never discriminates based on age and that’s how Deliah Dukes is making her porn debut. This 41 year old MILF is hot and looks half her age, but she’s naive as fuck. She’s got no clue as to why she’s trying to get a porn career going and no one else knows either. Today she was taught a valuable lesson by Pauly Harker and Jay D who shone a light on her ignorance and gullibility. They set out to break this whore and it worked fast. With some slaps and spitting, the regrets started to hit her. Once she realized the mental aspect of selling her body like a real whore, that was it, this frail broad really broke. She’ll have to live with crossing the line and the shame that follows for her entire life.

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Leilani Vega – A Hot Whore Degraded

Wow check out Leilani Vega, she’s got that adorable look that turns you right on. I’m not sure how Leilani ended up sitting on the Facial Abuse couch, but I sure am thankful. It’s exactly her type that looks the best as they’re face fucked and slapped until they break. With every thrust of a cock down her throat and every smack, she quickly realized that being at Facial Abuse is unlike being at any other studio. You can watch her eyes become empty and soulless as she realizes that maybe, just maybe, she made a mistake. To make things even sweeter, there’s nothing that quite measures up to watching a hot chick as she is made to puke all over herself as it is degrading and humiliating. By the time Leilani’s face is covered in man gravy, she’s totally used and broken. Such a whore she is.

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Brook Ultra Becomes A Submissive Whore

So Brook Ultra has a typical pornstar look going on with a small body, huge fake tits, nice body and is a complete airhead with Daddy issues. Everything the LA porn industry wants in a whore. She could have gone that way, but instead chose to make her first porn scene at Facial Abuse. Her lesson was to learn how to become a submissive slut which she accomplished. She did this by taking a hard dick down her throat, in her pussy and up her asshole. The anal was so destructive that her asshole was basically blown out. This made for some awesome shots of her gaping asshole. She learned fast how to be a compliant little whore.

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Rose Red Is Turned On By Being Slapped Around

Rose Red is a hot redheaded slut who loves to be slapped around and treated like shit. The more helpless she feels, the more turned on she gets. Seriously this chicks a rare find and a perfect fit for Facial Abuse. Rose Red loves nothing more than to have a cock thrust down her throat gagging her and making her feel helpless. The more rough the guy’s got, the more she would cum. At one point she’s bent over on the floor as her ass is being slapped and she enjoyed it so much, she came. This is not a scene you want to miss!

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Vanessa Holmes Can’t Handle Facial Abuse

Vanessa Holmes is one of the types of girls that don’t normally end up on the Facial Abuse couch. This 18 year old is a hot piece of ass! Just look at her, she’s pretty, has a sexy body and all natural tits; the combo that makes your mouth water and your dick stand at attention. She could actually go far in porn and become a star. Normally the whores who grace the couches are used up and one step away from giving dudes 25 dollar blowjobs in the alley. Unfortunately, Vanessa wasn’t a star, she was a complete and utter failure. She couldn’t handle having a cock thrust deep in her throat gagging her, she tapped out. Oh well, bitches come and bitches go.

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Hottie Addison Rose Gets A Facial Abuse

Duke Skywalker found this rose right before she withers. Addison Rose is a hot 27 year old who has lots of sex appeal. This blonde hottie has a tan and lean body and best of all, she even has brains. Duke Skywalker found a total package whore. The guys at Facial Abuse really gave this chick a hardcore workout. They shoved hard cocks down her throat making her gag, slapped her pretty little face, pounded her pussy, choked her and finished her off with a nice facial.

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