Lil Red Riding Whore

This is Lil Red and she’s decided that for her first porn ever she’s going to go all out and shoot for Face Fucking. She’s paler than Casper, has the body of the Pillsbury Dough Boy, and the looks of a Troll Doll. The most fucked up thing about this chick is that her dad fully supports her move into the porn world. How messed up is this guy? What father in their right mind approves of his little ‘princess’ being face fucked, having her cunt pounded, and treated like shit on video for money? Anyhow, back to this slut. Lil Red really only has two things going for her, 1- She’s got big tits and 2- She can deep throat a cock all the way to the balls. Having a dick shoved passed her tonsils comes easy for this broad, pretty sure this wasn’t her first time doing that. However, if she wants stardom she’ll need to hit the gym and a tanning booth.

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