Logan Sinns Returns To FaceFucking To Sin Again

So Logan Sinns came back to FaceFucking.com to shoot her third scene. Apparently she really likes to sin and FF is the perfect way for her to do so. She walked in with an iota of dignity, but that quickly went to zero with some humiliation and degradation thanks to Bootleg and Pauly. They pulled out all the stops for this whore to show her that the reality is she is nothing more than a bunch of holes for men to stick their cocks in and make them cum. There’s nothing like some hardcore facial abuse to make a skank realize just how worthless she is. Logan quickly realized this and it floored her. The tears started to streak down her face as the cocks kept pumping her throat. The slaps kept ringing out leaving nice red marks. The loads on her face were big, leaving her to contemplate her life choices.

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Logan Sinns Is Treated Like A Piece Of Shit

Logan Sinns decided to grace the presence of Facial Abuse again even though she could be anywhere else selling her pussy. This chicks pretty with a banging body apart from the horrible tattoos. Anyhow, I don’t really care to know why she decide to be treated like a total piece of shit, but I suspect it has something to do with her past. So for this scene, she decided to also do some of the things she’s never done before…I like a good risk taker. Instead of being drilled with one hard cock, she took two in her yummy cunt at once. Everyone likes a brutal face fuck right? Because Logan’s throat fuck was extreme and really messy. The amount of puke that came out of this slut leaves me in awe.

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