Lyla Kennedy Comes Back For Some Painal

So it hasn’t been long since the first time Lyla Kennedy was on the Facial Abuse couch. Her first scene was a good one, but this one is even better. Why? This time around her asshole is open for destruction. Lyla even admits that she’s a dirty little whore and she’s not lying. She’s also been working on her deep throating skills and today they were put to the test. Verdict? You can definitely see the difference as she can now take a massive cock down her throat further than before. Today her throat was thoroughly fucked until she gagged and puked. Now let’s get down to the the part of her scene that is what we call ‘painal’. For those of you that have no idea what that it, it’s basically a few steps above your average anal and involves way more pain. Lyla’s butthole was fucked violently and that little whore loved every second of it. By the time the anal was over, Lyla’s asshole gaped beautifully. For this only being her 4th time having her ass fucked so hard you’d think she was lying about it. She took it so well that I think she just found her new niche. Lyla was pounded so well that by the end of the scene, she could barely talk, she just kept stuttering. HAHA

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Lyla Kennedy Enjoys Hardcore Shit

You know that saying, “Looks can be deceiving?” Well this statement totally applies to Lyla Kennedy. On the outside she looks like a nerdy airheaded chick and on the inside she’s actually a fan of the hardcore shit. Lyla also enjoys watching Facial Abuse too. Who would have guessed huh? So now she gets to experience Facial Abuse on the other side of the screen. As it turns out, it’s not as easy as it looks. The whole process of being throat fucked made her gasp for air. To show how much she enjoys sick and twisted shit, as her bald pussy was being destroyed, she cums about 4 times. I love these closet freaks.

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