Metal Kitty Makes Her Third Appearance

Metal Kitty is back on Face Fucking for her third time. This time around she was pushed to her limits which made it a special day. From the beginning of the interview, things got heated and interesting. This dumb petite cunt spilled her guts and gave the guys ammo to kick everything up a notch. The face fucking this time around was messier and way more intense than the first two times combined. You know what really makes Metal Kitty get grossed out? Spit. Wait until you get a load of how that knowledge was used. Finally, this time around not only were her ass and pussy filled with dick, it was at the same time. Anal and double penetration always makes a scene better. You need to see this scene.

Watch Metal Kitty Get Her Holes Filled At The Same Time

Metal Kitty Needs The Paycheck Bad

Metal Kitty is a sexy whore with a good-for-nothing husband who is useless at providing. Thanks to his sorry ass, this chick is not only living below the poverty line, but she’s also down on her luck. In order to make some dough, she’s whoring herself out not only to Facial Abuse, but to anyone willing to pay her for fucking. Want to know just how desperate she it? Well, she hates to be spit on, she isn’t a fan of anal, and just the thought of puking makes her stomach turn, basically everything she has to do for Facial Abuse. Oh and you know that the guys definitely took everything to the extreme after learning her dislikes. Every minute of the throat gagging, face fucking, puking and anal she hated which makes this scene even sweeter.

This is one scene you do not want to miss so go check it out now.