Milla Fenix Is Back For Round 2 On FaceFucking

The first time the deformed whore Milla Fenix did FaceFucking wasn’t long ago and she’s back for round 2. Today they brought in professional make-up artists to try and make her appear less ugly and deformed. Did it help? Nope, you can’t polish a turd. Both Pauly Harker and Jay D slapped her around as they make her throat their dicks and puke. Then she was treated to their hard cocks shoved up her ass. It looks like this stupid slut has been practicing these skills as her games improved. By the time they covered her in their loads she was a miserable deformed bitch, but that’s nothing new to her as she’s used to such treatment.

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Milla Fenix A Deformed Whore Does FaceFucking

This deformed whore is Milla Fenix who learns how to make a real porn on FaceFucking. Here’s a warning, just looking at her may creep you the fuck out. Today Gio and Pauly Harker made sure that every one of her holes were used and abused. Most of the brutality was unleashed upon her throat during the face fuck. For someone who has never taken a cock so deep down the windpipe, she did pretty well and didn’t tap out. When the guy’s destroyed her asshole until it puckered closed, they slammed it even harder. Milla won’t be shooting any glamour porn scenes that’s for sure however, her deformity makes her perfect for the freak show that is Face Fucking.

Watch Milla Fenix The Deformed Whore Destroyed On