Betty Blaze XXX The Old Broad Does FaceFucking

Check out this old broad Betty Blaze XXX who is doing FaceFucking today. It’s as if someone lost a bet in the booking department and they had to book her as there’s no other reason why she’d be on FF. Betty has a dream to do all types of porn, but once Pauly Harker landed a hand on her jaw, reality set in. That’s when things really became apparent and she became miserable. The only good thing about this old whore is that she knows she is nothing more than a whore and a set of holes to be used by men for their pleasure. Pauly Harker and Jay D used all of those holes until they blew their loads on her wrinkled face.

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Indigo Lotus The Tallest Whore Ever On Facial Abuse

Well holy fucking shit, Indigo Lotus is one hell of a tall bitch. This giant whore measures 6 feet and 1 inch which is 9 inches taller than the average skank height. There’s some people out there that get highly turned on by abnormally tall people, it’s called Giantess. Whatever floats your boat I guess. So let’s get back to the real topic on hand, the Indigo broad. This is her debut in porn and she picked Facial Abuse. It seems that this giant was miserable the whole time. Oh well, that’s what makes a great scene though. This giraffe with a boyish hair cut was brought to tears when a dick was shoved down her throat gagging her. Getting slapped around probably contributed to the crying too, but that’s how Facial Abuse rolls HAHA.

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Tiffany Kohl Enjoys Some Misery

Have you been looking for a Facial Abuse scene with the intensity of a Duke Skywalker one? Well look no further than this scene with Tiffany Kohl because the misery has definitely returned. Now this chick isn’t the typical type that show up on the FA couch, but she does share one common factor with the rest of the whores, she has some huge emotional baggage and issues. And it’s for that reason she’s a great choice for Facial Abuse. Poor Tiffany doesn’t really like having her face fucked so the bitch cried during it. Did she think tears would stop the cocks from being rammed down her throat? Then her pretty little pussy was teared apart by some hard dicks. It was her first time experiencing such a pounding.

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Logan Sinns Is Treated Like A Piece Of Shit

Logan Sinns decided to grace the presence of Facial Abuse again even though she could be anywhere else selling her pussy. This chicks pretty with a banging body apart from the horrible tattoos. Anyhow, I don’t really care to know why she decide to be treated like a total piece of shit, but I suspect it has something to do with her past. So for this scene, she decided to also do some of the things she’s never done before…I like a good risk taker. Instead of being drilled with one hard cock, she took two in her yummy cunt at once. Everyone likes a brutal face fuck right? Because Logan’s throat fuck was extreme and really messy. The amount of puke that came out of this slut leaves me in awe.

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