Misty Lee Asks For The Abuse

The only word that comes to mind to describe Misty Lee’s Facial Abuse scene is…WOW! This is one 19 year old that can blow your mind she’s so fucked up. Looking at this tall, blonde, pretty girl messes with your head because you’d never be able to guess this wholesome looking girl could be into the downright nasty and rough shit. Like the majority of all sluts, this one is also going to sell her body for money to pay for her schooling and bills. This scene is so awesome that it should be used as a training tool for the whores who want to do Facial Abuse. Duke Skywalker hit the jackpot with this slut. Her life stories are in a category of their own seeing as ‘fucked up’ doesn’t begin to describe them. Now let’s talk about what this skank did. First off, she is a deep throat pro and can take a cock all the way down to the balls without even flinching. Even when face fucked to the point of puking, she enjoys it. She even drank her own barf right out of the whore bowl like it was water. But what made this scene all the more amazing was that she asked to be slapped and abused. You really don’t want to miss Misty Lee on Facial Abuse.

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