Fitness Model Kristina Bella Gets Face Fucked

Kristina Bella is an 18 yr old fitness model who has decided to do her first porn for Facial Abuse. With her fit body, nice boobs, a succulent ass, and a fresh bald pussy, she’s a top shelf whore for sure. Another magnificent find for Duke Skywalker. To be honest, this little slut doesn’t look like she could handle what the boys dish out on Facial Abuse however, she proved everyone wrong. Kristina stuck it out no matter what punishment the guys threw her way. This bitch was completely unbreakable. Oh and you have got to see how hot her little ass looks with red hand-prints, it’s amazing.

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Avona Dominica The Snob Does Facial Abuse

Avona Dominica has bills to pay so she decided that doing Facial Abuse would be a good way to earn some money. I really don’t give a shit about these whores and their ‘poor me’ stories seeing as most of the stories are the same they just come from the mouths of other sluts. Doing porn is just a side thing for this slut, she’s a bikini model too. I guess that’s not working out too well for her. This cunt is a huge snob and that’s probably due to the fact that assholes keep telling her she’s hot. I will say however, that Avona did what she was paid to do and without acting like a huge diva. At first I thought this bitch was going to tap out, but she didn’t. The Facial Abuse guys made sure to knock her ass down a few levels by shoving their shafts down her throat gagging her and making her puke. She was also slapped around the way a cheap skank is. It’s a real treat to watch as a bitch is put in her place.

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Jada Belle Falls From Grace

Jada Belle thinks she’s all that and according to her she does real modeling. Sure, OK as if that really matters. Once a whore, always a whore and on this day, a Facial Abuse whore. So let’s take a look at Jada Belle’s experience shall we. Did she gag on a cock? Not just one cock, but two. Was there puke? You betcha, she barfed. Did she get slapped around? She sure did. Was there a dildo rammed down her throat? A true throat gagging it was! Anal? Cocks are easily shoved up her ass. Any double penetration? Oh there was some sweet DP.

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