Molly Smash – The Ultimate Facial Abuse Scene

This is Molly Smash and it’s a name that you’re going to want to remember. Facial Abuse is her first stop after not even being 18 for a week. First off, her main goal was to make sure her scene was legendary. This in itself is great as this is never a concern the other cunts have. Oh and she did in fact meet her goal. Man, you need to watch this scene as soon as possible because the word ‘gross’ does nothing to describe it. Molly Smash was down for anything and I mean ANYTHING. This scene has it all; puking, eating barf, rolling around in vomit, snot eating, pussy pounding and more! For all the Facial Abuse fans out there, this will easily become one of your most favorite scenes. I’m not sure where Duke Skywalker found this gem, but I hope there’s more.

Hurry Up And Get Your Ass Over To Facial Abuse To See Molly Smash In An Unforgettable Scene