Her Forehead Tells A Tale on Facial Abuse

There’s always a tale to tell about a whore and the message written on her forehead. This whore was such a dirty whore that she has the words “fuck you” tattooed around her asshole. So the guys took turns on her ass and fucked it nice and hard. First it was Sam and his scud missile cock that enter her filthy ass. She whimpered at first then moaned every time he thrust his cock deeper and deeper. Then Jay D and Bootleg taking turns slamming her ass and forced her to clean her ass off their cocks. She got her throat destroyed as well, getting her throat stuffed with hard cocks. After being face fucked and slapped around, she sat on the floor and took 3 loads of creamy jizz to the face.

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Nasty Whore Gets Her Ass And Throat Destroyed on FacialAbuse.com

Vinyl Vixon Meets Bootleg & Pauly’s Cocks On FaceFucking

Vinyl Vixon is up on FaceFucking today. This skank looks like a rejected carnival attraction, but she’s a good whore. Bootleg and Pauly Harker ran the full spectrum on her pussy, asshole, and face. Not once did she utter a word of complaint, she’s a good submissive pig. Vinyl does need to work on her face fucking skills seeing as her teeth kept interfering as the guys rammed their cocks in and out of her throat. This skank put everything out there today and the guys took full advantage and it shows in the great footage.

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Felicity Feline Returns To Porn & FaceFucking

Felicity Feline is back on FaceFucking seeing as she couldn’t hold down a normal 9 to 5. She failed at being a “normal” working person so she’s falling back on her whore ways. Felicity is one of the pretty ones and that makes the face fucking even better as the pretty ones think they’re going to get off easy. This skank is an obedient one who submitted to all the punishment dished out. Bootleg and Harker took turns filling her throat with their dicks until she gagged and puked. Then they pounded her cunt until she screamed. Felicity was left wondering why she wanted to do porn again as she sat there covered in cum and spit.

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Lily Krystal The Damaged Goth Does FaceFucking

Lily Krystal has had nothing good happen in her life and now on FaceFucking it’s all about to get worse. This introverted emo goth has had one hell of a rough life that has left her as a soft spoken skank who can’t make eye contact. Trust me, the damage is epic. That damage is only going to increase now that she’s on FF. Anyhow, once learning of her past Bootleg and Gio took it and ran. They broke her real well. How? By showing this pale submissive chick that the only thing she’s good for is a mans pleasure. Cocks were stuffed down her throat until the vomit came up. Her cunt was filled to the brim with thick dick that left it used it. To really drive everything home, she was slapped until her snow white skin glowed red. By the time the jizz was covering her face, her self esteem was at the lowest ever.

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Crystal Rayne The Epic Train Wreck Does FaceFucking

FaceFucking has seen it’s share of train wrecks, but Crystal Rayne takes that term to new heights. After you learn of her horrifying childhood you’ll understand why she’s the whore she is today. With her innocence lost, her only comfort in life now is being a submissive slut for men as they please themselves and toss her away like trash. According to her she’s not worthy of being loved and she’ll never love anyone. Hey, it’s these types of skanks who make for the best FF scenes. Today she had all her holes used up. She was face fucked until she tossed her cookies, she had her cunt stretched out by big dicks, and even her asshole was given punishment.

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Carmen Capri Can’t Stop Crying

Carmen Capri is a hella fine bitch with big natural titties and has the drive to make money. This whore thinks she’s one of those strong independent woman when all she really is, is a big crybaby. When you shoot for FaceFucking.com, it doesn’t take long for your facade to fade. This bitch cried the whole time she had cock shoved down her throat. I guess she thought she was going to gain sympathy? Ha dumb twit that just causes more laughing at her misery. This also caused the guys to go buckwild on her, passing her back and forth while shoving their dicks down her gullet for some serious throat demolition. Carmen finally stopped her sobbing when she got a shaft up her snatch. Oh yes, she enjoyed it so much that she had about 4 orgasms. She better think of that as her bonus for being a submissive skank.

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Brook Ultra Becomes A Submissive Whore

So Brook Ultra has a typical pornstar look going on with a small body, huge fake tits, nice body and is a complete airhead with Daddy issues. Everything the LA porn industry wants in a whore. She could have gone that way, but instead chose to make her first porn scene at Facial Abuse. Her lesson was to learn how to become a submissive slut which she accomplished. She did this by taking a hard dick down her throat, in her pussy and up her asshole. The anal was so destructive that her asshole was basically blown out. This made for some awesome shots of her gaping asshole. She learned fast how to be a compliant little whore.

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Nicki Blue Gets Used And Abused

Apparently Nicki Blue is some kind of porn star? You sure as hell can’t tell. According to her she used to be an off Broadway actress and she left that to do porn. This whore is lacking some serious fucking skills, she can’t even ride a dick. The only skill she has is being an obedient slut and taking every slap, choking, and fucking like she’s supposed to. Her tits are fake and bolt on, but they’re her best feature which is pretty sad. She’s not pretty and doesn’t have a nice body, but she’s a wet cunt to stick a cock in. If her acting skills are as bad as her porn skills, I highly doubt she left acting, it was probably more or less that no one would higher this stupid broad.

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Molly Madison Learns New Tricks

This old whore Molly Madison thinks she’s still young enough to learn some new tricks. At 30, she’s over the hill in the porn world, but Facial Abuse doesn’t discriminate. In all honesty, she’s a good submissive whore with braces and bolt on tits. Another good thing is that all her holes were fair game…ass, mouth, and pussy. This scene is without a doubt, relentless. Her mouth was thoroughly fucked and gagged by cocks. Her pussy was given a nice pounding and her ass was treated to an extreme ramming. The guys went truly hardcore on her in true Facial Abuse style.

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Austin Lynn Becomes Submissive

Austin Lynn is an up and coming porn whore who is making her way around the porn circuit. So far all the shoots she’s done are nothing like Facial Abuse. This whore with big fake tits, empty head, and spray tan hopped at the chance to get on a plane to the dirty Jersey for a face fuck. Why? Well normally she’s a dominant slut who bosses the men around so she decided to become the submissive bitch for a change. In mere seconds of a hard cock shoved down her throat gagging her, the puke started flowing. This chick is a puke machine! The barf spews from her like lava out of a volcano which is nonetheless, awesome! Austin Lynn has a surprisingly tight pussy for a porn whore.

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