Natalie Ava Thought She Could Handle FaceFucking

Well FaceFucking proved to be too much for Natalie Ava to handle. This scene was turning into pure gold and then the whore tapped out. Natalie is a bit of a bizarre person who is trying to express herself in life and thought that porn would help her do that. Boy was she wrong, she talked herself out of doing it within 5 bloody minutes. Anyhow this crazy chick loves to babble on and on, it’s fantastic because she doesn’t even shut up while the guys cover her face in cum. It wasn’t a total loss as she did get to experience being throat fucked, slapped, and choked.

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Kitty Cyberstar Is A Failure

Ok these whores shouldn’t be allowed to come up with their own porn name. It’s becoming ridiculous. Seriously, Kitty Cyberstar? Her name failure mirrors her Facial Abuse failure. This Australian slut couldn’t handle gagging on cocks for more than a few minutes. Quite pitiful to be honest seeing as she’s alright looking and fuckable. The guy’s rocked this whore so bad within a matter of mere minutes that this whore had to tap out. She sucks alright, but it’s not dicks. However, the guys were able to blow their loads on her face and then spoon feed it to her.

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Vanessa Holmes Can’t Handle Facial Abuse

Vanessa Holmes is one of the types of girls that don’t normally end up on the Facial Abuse couch. This 18 year old is a hot piece of ass! Just look at her, she’s pretty, has a sexy body and all natural tits; the combo that makes your mouth water and your dick stand at attention. She could actually go far in porn and become a star. Normally the whores who grace the couches are used up and one step away from giving dudes 25 dollar blowjobs in the alley. Unfortunately, Vanessa wasn’t a star, she was a complete and utter failure. She couldn’t handle having a cock thrust deep in her throat gagging her, she tapped out. Oh well, bitches come and bitches go.

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