Taura Slade Is Back For More Abuse On FaceFucking

Taura Slade did FaceFucking not long ago and is back already. Today she gets to feel the wrath of Bootleg who had to do double duty seeing as he was a man down. As you know Bootleg is a master so it was easy for him to step his game up. It was also easy seeing as Taura was up for trying out new things including fisting. Bootleg rammed his fist so far up her cunt that he looked like he was putting on a puppet show. With all his slaps and spitting on her, by the time he thrashed her asshole with his cock, she was stripped of her identity. She was nothing more than a set of tits and a mouth as she was spoon fed the cum that was blasted onto her face. All you feminist cunts can start your customary bitching now…

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Taura Slade The Doofy Dyke Does FaceFucking

This is Taura Slade, a 20 year old feminist dyke who walked into FaceFucking ready to be degraded. This boxy framed loser with the Bieber haircut finds it empowering when men slap her around while spitting on her and farting in her face. Maybe one day she’ll write a paper on it so she can explain it to the rest of us non idiots. Bootleg and Gio quickly went into alpha male mode and gave this whore a dose of reality. Cocks were flying at her holes at all angles. If you can get over her doofy looks, you’ll enjoy this scene

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