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Cierra Jade is just another big moronic whore who thinks she can handle FaceFucking and porn. Oh man this slut is so stupid and wrong seeing as she can’t even throat a cock without crying. Sure having a dick jammed down your gullet will bring out some emotions, but seriously bitch it was your own damn choice, put on your big girl panties and shut up. Hopefully all the slaps, face fucking, and cunt pounding made this broad think about how this shit isn’t for her and she sucks ass at being a whore, one of the easiest things to be. By the time the load was spewed onto her face, she was probably thinking about becoming a lesbian. Fingers crossed she goes that route as no one on this side wants her.

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You know that saying, “Looks can be deceiving?” Well this statement totally applies to Lyla Kennedy. On the outside she looks like a nerdy airheaded chick and on the inside she’s actually a fan of the hardcore shit. Lyla also enjoys watching Facial Abuse too. Who would have guessed huh? So now she gets to experience Facial Abuse on the other side of the screen. As it turns out, it’s not as easy as it looks. The whole process of being throat fucked made her gasp for air. To show how much she enjoys sick and twisted shit, as her bald pussy was being destroyed, she cums about 4 times. I love these closet freaks.

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