Milla Fenix Is Back For Round 2 On FaceFucking

The first time the deformed whore Milla Fenix did FaceFucking wasn’t long ago and she’s back for round 2. Today they brought in professional make-up artists to try and make her appear less ugly and deformed. Did it help? Nope, you can’t polish a turd. Both Pauly Harker and Jay D slapped her around as they make her throat their dicks and puke. Then she was treated to their hard cocks shoved up her ass. It looks like this stupid slut has been practicing these skills as her games improved. By the time they covered her in their loads she was a miserable deformed bitch, but that’s nothing new to her as she’s used to such treatment.

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Crystal Rayne The Epic Train Wreck Does FaceFucking

FaceFucking has seen it’s share of train wrecks, but Crystal Rayne takes that term to new heights. After you learn of her horrifying childhood you’ll understand why she’s the whore she is today. With her innocence lost, her only comfort in life now is being a submissive slut for men as they please themselves and toss her away like trash. According to her she’s not worthy of being loved and she’ll never love anyone. Hey, it’s these types of skanks who make for the best FF scenes. Today she had all her holes used up. She was face fucked until she tossed her cookies, she had her cunt stretched out by big dicks, and even her asshole was given punishment.

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Rocket The Cock Socket

This disaster goes by the name of, Rocket. At the time of her Facial Abuse scene, she was two months pregnant. She said she got knocked up by a ‘friend’ which is code for, I’m a whore and fuck a lot of dudes and I have no idea who the father is. This slut decided that to make some extra cash she would take a hard cock down her throat while it gags her. This is only her 2nd time doing a porn and this of course is why there was no mercy shown to her. At least she has some blowjob skills to pay the bills with.

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Cat Morris The Train Wreck

Cat Morris is the epitome of a train wreck. I’m pretty sure that in the dictionary next to the word disaster you can find her picture. I’m not even sure where to start with all her issues. Mental issues? Yep, she’s got those. A deadbeat of a dad? She’s got one. A mother who took her own life? She has, well had, one of those. If those major issues weren’t enough, she’s also a cutter. Cat Morris at 20 years old has lived a life so horrible than most experience by the time they’re that age. Is it really a surprise that she ended up on the Facial Abuse couch? Yeah, I didn’t think so either. However she is one hell of a dedicated slut that when she made the decision to become a whore, she made a promise to herself…to be the best whore ever. How does she achieve this? By opening all her holes. Yes, her mouth, pussy and asshole are all open for business and put to good use. That’s right, this whore took a hard cock not only down her throat but also up her ass and in her pussy.

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