Hideous Holly North Is Humiliated

North. Ever wonder what the offspring of Flash Gordon and Larry Bird would look like? Well, you’re in luck as the answer is Holly North. I can’t think of one good thing to say about her appearance. She’s pasty and has fake blonde hair that stands up as if she put her finger in a light socket. This chicks beak is massive and takes up most of the space on her face making her look like she could be an owl of some sort. I’m pretty sure it could also be used as a dildo, I kid you not. As for the rest of her body, it’s not pretty either. There aren’t even any tits for a small bonus point, she’s flatter than a board. It’s pretty pathetic actually. Her only good feature is that she’s a submissive slut who knows how to be obedient. Holly is rebelling against her parents and has decided to do her first porn and it’s for Facial Abuse. No protests were put up when a hard cock was shoved down her throat gagging her. She then rode that dick like a good whore and obeyed all requests. At the very end, she’s spoon fed thick white man goo and she slurps it right up.

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Tegan Tries To Handle The Facial Abuse

What can I say about Tegan? Look at her, she’s a 90 pound train wreck. Nothing about this whore screams hot, instead it screams freak. Apparently she went through some fucked up shit in the past and that’s why she’s now a cutter. This is what makes Facial Abuse a good fit for her. However she doesn’t have very good cock sucking abilities and she’s had lots of practice. The guys kept trying to shove their dicks down her throat, but her tiny jaw wasn’t having any of it. So after many failed attempts, the cocks then put her hairless pussy to good use. The sex turned weird though when she started to suck her thumb while getting fucked. Like I said, this chick has problems.

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The Troll Bianca Sage

Holy shit Bianca Sage is one hell of an UGLY whore. She reminds me of the troll that lives under the bridge in the book Billy Goats Gruff. Wait no, that’s an insult to the troll. Most ugly whores are at least smart, Bianca is stupid. Her body isn’t too bad, but she could use some more tits. She took a nice face fucking and gagged on the hard cock nicely. If she would take a dick up her ass, she’d probably make more in the porn industry.

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Nicoletta Frost – Useless Submissive Gets A Face Fuck & Anal

There are only 2 good things about Nicoletta Frost 1- She’s a submissive whore and 2- She can take a hard cock up her ass. I’m not exactly sure what her agent tells her, but it’s all lies which she takes for the truth. Now I shall list all of her bad qualities: 1- She’s so ugly. No seriously, any angle you look at this chick, she’s ugly. 2- The body on this chick is just as bad as her face. 3- Nicoletta has an extremely small mouth. This was a very bad thing when it came time for the face fucking. 4- She sucks at sex. I do not understand how she can even consider herself a porn star. 5- Not only is she useless, she’s dumb. I’m pretty sure a rock has a higher IQ than she does.

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