Kiki Sweet Gets Down To Business On FaceFucking

Kiki Sweet is a self proclaimed whore and slut who is doing FaceFucking to prove it. She’s even aware that she isn’t worth much and is only good enough to be a set of holes to pleasure a man. Kiki is a whore who knows what to do and wastes no timing doing it. She loves the extreme hardcore so Bootleg and Pauly went extra crazy on her. They even found shit laying around the studio to use to smack her around while they crammed their cocks down her throat and up her cunt at record speeds. She was finished off with two loads of sticky white man goo to the face.

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Crystal Rayne The Epic Train Wreck Does FaceFucking

FaceFucking has seen it’s share of train wrecks, but Crystal Rayne takes that term to new heights. After you learn of her horrifying childhood you’ll understand why she’s the whore she is today. With her innocence lost, her only comfort in life now is being a submissive slut for men as they please themselves and toss her away like trash. According to her she’s not worthy of being loved and she’ll never love anyone. Hey, it’s these types of skanks who make for the best FF scenes. Today she had all her holes used up. She was face fucked until she tossed her cookies, she had her cunt stretched out by big dicks, and even her asshole was given punishment.

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