Molly Smash – The Ultimate Facial Abuse Scene

This is Molly Smash and it’s a name that you’re going to want to remember. Facial Abuse is her first stop after not even being 18 for a week. First off, her main goal was to make sure her scene was legendary. This in itself is great as this is never a concern the other cunts have. Oh and she did in fact meet her goal. Man, you need to watch this scene as soon as possible because the word ‘gross’ does nothing to describe it. Molly Smash was down for anything and I mean ANYTHING. This scene has it all; puking, eating barf, rolling around in vomit, snot eating, pussy pounding and more! For all the Facial Abuse fans out there, this will easily become one of your most favorite scenes. I’m not sure where Duke Skywalker found this gem, but I hope there’s more.

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Logan Sinns Is Treated Like A Piece Of Shit

Logan Sinns decided to grace the presence of Facial Abuse again even though she could be anywhere else selling her pussy. This chicks pretty with a banging body apart from the horrible tattoos. Anyhow, I don’t really care to know why she decide to be treated like a total piece of shit, but I suspect it has something to do with her past. So for this scene, she decided to also do some of the things she’s never done before…I like a good risk taker. Instead of being drilled with one hard cock, she took two in her yummy cunt at once. Everyone likes a brutal face fuck right? Because Logan’s throat fuck was extreme and really messy. The amount of puke that came out of this slut leaves me in awe.

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Katie Fallon Learns A Lesson

What’s one of the biggest mistakes you can make when you’re booked to shoot a Facial Abuse scene? You do what Katie Fallon did and show up 5 hours late. Who does this whore think she is that she thinks that her time is more valuable than anyone else? As punishment it was made sure that she was miserable from the moment she got there until the moment she left. Her tight throat had a cock shoved all the way down gagging her and making her puke. She looks great with chunky vomit covering her face. Her pussy was pounded bareback over and over. By the time her face was covered in a nice load of cum, she was thoroughly humiliated.

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Bailey Rae Gets A Good Dose Of Facial Abuse

After the last whore on Facial Abuse, Bailey Rae is a breath of fresh air looks wise. She’s skinny and pretty cute for the most part although she could use some bigger tits. Apparently this chick thinks she’s to good to have to do any work to get paid. This stupid bitch got major attitude when she realized she’d have to put in some work. That was quickly solved by a few slaps to her face. She may be used to getting the star treatment from guys however, the Facial Abuse guys quickly put this slut in her proper place. Gagging on a nice hard cock is a sure way to make the whore know her true value.

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