Yuka Ozaki The Crazy Jap Returns To FaceFucking

Look who’s back for round two on FaceFucking.com, it’s everyone’s favorite crazy Jap, Yuka Ozaki. Hell, you have to be crazy to enjoy hardcore face fucks that make you puke all over yourself. Yuka says she came back for revenge unbeknownst to her, she was only in for more disappointment. During the interview she told of receiving a ton of emails that all told her to shut the fuck up because she screamed so much. Anyhow, those emails worked and she took that advice thank fuck. Yuka got to meet Bootleg who was paired up with Pauly. You know these two can unleash some hell upon these whores. It’s pretty obvious that during her time away, Yuka worked on her deep throating skills because she was able to swallow the cocks really well. However, when it comes to having her cunt pounded she is still lacking skills. Her Asian slit was unable to handle the big rods so she kept wiggling and whimpered like she was shooting for one of those Asian porns. Once the guys were done unloading their jizz all over this loon’s face, they showed her what they thought of her. Pretty sure you all will probably agree with them.

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Yuka Ozaki Wants To Be A Face Fucked Whore

Meet Yuka Ozaki, a Japanese milf who wants nothing more than to be a whore. This chicks downright mental with enough issues to go around. It’s those two things that landed her on the FaceFucking.com couch. To prove how badly she wanted to be a whore, when it came time for the fat American cocks to be shoved down her throat, she took them all the way down. The face fucking was the easy part, as soon as those dicks were thrust deep in her slit and ass, shit got all kinds of messed up. It’s like watching a train wreck, you can’t take your eyes off it. Yuka cried the whole damn time as if that was going to stop the guys from going hardcore on her. Somehow this scene is extremely entertaining.

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