Hazel Allure Loves Facial Abuse

Not many whores are repeats at Facial Abuse however, Hazel Allure is not one of them. She’s so deranged that she’s back for the 4th time. It’s as if she stalks the studio waiting on some whore to tap out so she can take her place. More bitches should be like Hazel seeing as she actually shows up on time and shoots a hell of a good scene all without a whiny snobby attitude like most of the cunts. Now if only she was hot, she’d be the total package. Looking at her you can’t tell she’s 23 because she definitely looks way older. Than again everyone has pros and cons about them. Here’s a pro for Hazel, she’s down for anything and will even try new things. She even tried to get her whole hand in her pussy and ass. Guess what…she did it!

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